Boost YouTube Channel Engagement

Boost Engagement of your YouTube Channel with these Top
10 Tips for Brand Creation and Engagement with Audience.

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Your YouTube Channel is as good as it appears and appeals to your target audience.

Whilst this is very elementary, it often gets ignored in the big stack of priorities of creation of videos and the other basics of channel management.

Its not just about your videos, the whole idea of real engagement and constant pull is to create a channel with high call and remembrance value, and this cannot be achieved unless some very important but easy tasks must be accomplished to do this.

YouTube channel literally provides you the opportunity to brand your brand the way you want.

But make no mistakes, your YouTube Channel is your Brand, and it must be well thought after to create an impression that is solid enough to last for your users to come back for more.

The YouTube Channel allows you to customize and Brand your channel well to boost engagement with your audience.

It lets you upload videos and content, video presentations, allows for social media interaction features etc., which lets you highlight and differentiate your brand in the minds of your users.

In this article, I will show you what needs to be done to make your videos and your channel have that right zing.

And I will also quote examples for your clear understanding and easy follow through steps and to dumb proof this article to benefit even the new dummies on the block!


1. Provide a good name to your YouTube Channel.

It appears at the top of the channel and you must keep a name that relates to you, your brand or what your audience would be looking for in your videos. You may think it is simple, and I agree it is, but that is what gets much ignored.

Channel name is different from the channel URL, and it can be edited. Remember to choose something different, short and memorable and what viewers can expect by seeing your channel. The Name Must Talk and Tell your Viewers clearly what it is about.

It could be your brand name, artist name, product name, description of what the videos do, the problem they solve, or the tutorial or entertainment they provide.

2. Choose a compelling Background Image.

You must choose an image that goes with your brand and should be customized to reflect the spirit of your Brand and Channel, and this must have a high impact – high recall value for your users.

You can do this by logging into your YouTube account, clicking 'My channel' and then from the main channel page, go to 'settings', now you can upload a background image here.

If you have a channel that showcases different hair cuts, place an image that contains many models with different cuts and include both male and female models, if you appeal to both, and make sure your brand name is written on it. The picture must be high quality, good contrast, and with clear subjects.

3. Select a relational Background Color.

Select a background color that relates with your Brand and blends well with your background image. Make sure it looks subtle and must not result to make your page look loud. The Key to right appearance is to make it simple to view and easy for the eyes.

The color customization options are on the same page as the background image upload page, and am sure you won't miss that.

No, you don't need it! Or do you ;)

4. Set the default tab display.

This will determine what people view when they first visit your YouTube channel page. You can opt in for a feed section that shows your recent activities on the platform, a video section that shows the uploaded content in bottom to top order or a featured section which can be enabled from settings to show particular playlists.

You can find it in the settings section of your YouTube channel page.

Choosing a Feed Section to show your recent videos in most cases, and if you have a lot of videos, engagement and repeated pull, go for the featured section to showcase the videos that you want to be highlighted and viewed by your audience.

5. Fill description and add tags to your YouTube Channel.

Use good keywords that relate to your videos ( including description, location, names, etc ) that will help viewers to find your channel in YouTube search.

The “Info and Setting” tab inside the “settings” allows you to add tags and description in your YouTube Channel page.

Amy Watson Hair do – by the Funk Face & Hot Hair Girls!

6. Use posts to Update your channel subscribers.

YouTube Channel posts allow you to communicate directly with your subscribers. But make sure that you're sending the posts with worthwhile stuff or content, else you might lose your subscribers because No one likes SPAM.

YouTube Channel settings page.

Amy Watson Hair do – by the Funk Face & Hot Hair Girls!

7. Ask your viewers to become Subscribers.

So you think you would just get loads of users who opt to become your channel's subscribers, as they watch your videos. You are Wrong! It won't happen. Now the deal is to convert your viewers into subscribers, you have to simply ask for it, and you would instantly see a lot more traction coming in. Assumptions don't lead the way. Ask them for it, show them the way, and tell them the value they get when they do so, and all this with a clear 'call to action' – to subscribe.

You may add an annotation in your video just below the subscriber button to ask them to subscribe, and also ask at the end of the video and in the video description of each video post.

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8. Follow the essentials on building a Solid Brand.

Be different and be natural. Don't copy others. Simply use your own way to create your videos. People come on YouTube to watch what the guys on the next block doing some incredible stuff. Not to watch a Hollywood Flick! Always remember that. You are unique, and so is your video presentation. Just make sure that the video is nice, engaging, crisp, entertaining and adds value to the viewers, and you are done.

Watch some videos for inspiration, and adopt to your own style.

9. Shouting about your Channel.

Use your prime Blog or Website to ask your users to watch and subscribe to your channel. But wait, what about social media? Well the web has come of age, and social media is not a choice but necessity. Make sure not to leave out this space. Spread the word out on your social media channels and others to get the word out, and make the audience dive into your channel on YouTube.

Use any social channel relevant to you – facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, sumble, whatsapp, snapchat, linkedin, etc.

10. Bonus Tips for Background Image.

  • Choose an image that is more panoramic than a close-up. Think wide angle shots for your brand on this stage , or something scenic.
  • Use an image wider than 970 pixels in width.
  • This way your image will extend beyond the edges of the main content area on your YouTube channel which is 970 pixels.
  • Else, your image will be tiled horizontally, vertically, or both. In most cases, it doesn't look that great to tile your photo.
  • But its probably better to avoid tiling completely by choosing a larger image.


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