How To Get Brand Associations Through Review Marketing

Are you a review marketer? or willing to become a reviewer? Here is how you can learn about how a review marketer works by giving valuable and quality reviews on the products and services. Whether you are an affiliate, influencer, advertiser or a review marketer; you will need to work on the brand association part as there is no game without brands. Brands have not started investing in something called smart marketing. The roots of marketing can now reach and locate you; part of this marketing is better known as online marketing. Reviews and feedback are not something new to the business instead smarter reviews to your business can directly work as a part of lead generation.

The whole process how brand associations in review marketing works can be found here:


Review marketing does need a platform to get both; the brands and reviewers registered for the purpose of earning rewards. Brands associate so they can find the valuable reviewers related to the products and reviewers get paid for the same. Like influencers and other online marketers, review marketers get an access to a special network where they can navigate around the interface and manage everything related to review marketing campaigns at their ends. Hence, signing up with a review marketing network can help you access and manage all sort of data related to it.

Brand Campaign

Creating the campaigns about products and services includes the product listing with the links and description. Each product consists of the data and information about what each brand wants from a reviewer. A typical marketing campaign is a process how to sell a particular brand, however, the online review marketing campaign is just about product or services with the requirement details on what type of reviews are going to help them.

Reviewer Offer

Once both parties register and campaigns are successfully created, the reviewer creates an offer for the review services that are to be provided to the brands. An offer consists of all features with a list where it makes it easier for the brand to understand and choose the suitable reviewer by keeping in mind the price. As a reviewer charges on the basis of two categories; no cost and fixed cost. In the no-cost method, a reviewer doesn't charge any amount as he only gives the product to review and return once the product review is over.

In case of a fixed cost method, a reviewer simply charges a fixed amount for reviewing a particular product. Once the review offer is studied, a brand decides if a particular reviewer is fit for their product. Hence review offer plays a significant role in associating with the brands. Brands have an appeal for which every reviewer wants to be a part of them hence creating a promising offer for them is an utmost duty to present an offer that a brand can never deny.

Making a Match

Matchmaking process of the review marketing network includes everything right from the time when a reviewer presented the offer to the brand. Once the offer is accepted the system sends a notification regarding the match of a brand with the reviewer. Matches made entirely depends on the type of keywords a reviewer has in his offer as an ideal system generated match is independent of the negotiations and additional discussions that both parties may have after this phase. In the initial stage, a pre-match model plays a key role to connect brand and the reviewer on the basis of keywords chosen by both the parties. This part of the network helps to connect, since connecting and shortlisting the right reviewer are two different sides of a coin.

Reviewer Proposal

After the match is made and both the parties are connected, it is an ideal time for the reviewers to present a dazzling proposal that seems non-negotiable to the brand. An adept review marketer will always follow a perfect proposal format in a way that seems enticing yet reasonable to the brand.

Creating an amazing proposal for a business is not an easy job hence there are certain features that every reviewer should incorporate into his/her proposal.

  • Date of review.

  • Review type

  • Review with images.

  • Review with video.

  • Review of text.

  • Review with the message.

  • Review with ratings

  • FIxed Cost

Hire the Reviewer

A reviewer is hired with the power of proposal. It is similar to creating a great resume for the job you are applying for. The more promising your profile is, the greater are the chances to get your dream job. Hiring a reviewer simply depends on the fact how the brand sees your proposal. Remember, it is not up to a brand to hire you, the power to get the brand in your product resides with you as you are the one who is going to influence the product and as "charity begins from home", you have to first sell yourself to get the brands approach you.

Content Submission and Approval

Once you are hired as a product reviewer, the brand would ask you to submit the content that you can prepare so it is approved before uploading. Content submission is an important part here as it is very important for the brands to know and understand what content is going to be posted and how it can be modified in a way that it correlates and encourages the people to buy it. Not only promotion but also a brand review is mainly targeted to get the referral sales on the basis of ratings. In order to create a content for all, brands check if the content is acceptable for all, for instance, it is not harming the integrity of any religion not it should be gender biased.

Product Offering

This is the final stage where a brand delivers the product to the reviewer. The reviewer gets a product to review it from all ends by keeping all users in mind. He is expected to use the product and deliver the best of his review related to the product that also includes product handling practices.