Getting Unlimited Views And Subscribers For YouTube Channel

Getting Unlimited Views And Subscribers For YouTube Channel

Getting unlimited views and subscribers for your YouTube channel needs a kind of service provided by different sites that allow you to get unlimited free YouTube views and subscribers for your YouTube channel. These sites charge nothing but work on an exchange of views. This means you will have to watch the videos of others. In return, they will watch yours. Eventually, both will exchange the views for the channel.

While these views do not help make money with Adsense Ads, they will surely help them position their videos. For instance: you created a YouTube channel, created a video and uploaded it to your channel. Because your channel is too new, nobody will watch your video. So you will not get organic views. This is quite natural and happens with almost all YouTubers. If you are smart enough, you will not have to wait another 4-5 month to get several organic views. What you will do is that you will try to get tons of free previews on YouTube. When your video gets a lot of views, YouTube starts classifying your video. As a result, you will begin to get organic views and get real subscribers.

In an effort to remove fraudulent channels that violate their guidelines, YouTube has recently introduced a new rule that requires creators to reach at least 10k views for life before they can monetize their videos.

Here is a list of some great sites with which you can easily get an unlimited number of YouTube views and even without spending a penny. So, just follow the instructions below and have fun.


QQTUBE is a website that offers paid services for getting YouTube Views, Favorite, Subscribers, and other services. If you are looking forward to buying these services, this is the site you are looking for. This post is about getting free YouTube views. Is that correct? So, let's get back to the question.

In fact, this site currently offers thousands of free YouTube views. Yes, you heard exactly. Thousand views of your YouTube videos and even without asking for a penny. So, this is quite useful to new users on YouTube and yes, it's completely safe.

To use this, you need to open QQTUBE and click the "Test 1000 free views" button.

This is one of the best platforms to get an infinite number of free views for your YouTube videos. Simply click on this link - to create a free account. You will see various options to earn coins. You can choose to watch other videos, or make some offers to earn coins. The number of coins you earn is directly proportional to the number of views you receive. So, let's focus on taking the maximum number of coins

When you click on "Add Video: Views" button, a new page opens up. On this page, you'll need to enter the URL of the YouTube video that you wish to watch with the number of views you want. As noted earlier, Coins Earned equals the number of views you received. So if you win, 200 coins for instance. Enter 200 in "Coins to Be Assigned" field. Or for instance you earned 64 coins, so you will add 64 in this column.

Once you are done with the inputs, click the "Submit" button and wait a few minutes. You'll see the number of views increasing for your YouTube video.

There is no limitation of this tool, which means that you can use it every day and get an unlimited number of views for your YouTube videos.


If you are looking for free views and subscribers on YouTube, Vagex is the third best site that is recommended. It also works on the same method of earning free credits and using them to get free views for the YouTube videos. The best thing about Vagex is that it can automate the process of getting credit for the YouTube channel and even use it on your cellular devices. As PC's only work with Firefox, you can install the app on your smartphone, you can automate the credit process and then turn those credits into views after signing in.

This site is similar to Vagex. He asks you to install an add-on in your web browser and use your fictitious YouTube ID. In fact, with this ID, you automatically enjoy the videos of others by giving you free credits. This automation feature can save a lot of time and effort, which I think is the best part of this site. Once you've earned enough free credit, use it to get views and like in your YouTube video.

When to Use YouTube Views for free?

1. If you are a new YouTuber and do not get enough YouTube likes.

2. If you want to get 10,000 views early for getting AdSense approval on YouTube.

3. If you create short videos for your YouTube channel.

Demerits of free views

Insufficient storage time: Average video hold time is pretty low. Typically, you will have an average retention time of 45-50 seconds, which can be considered good for those who make short videos (ie 1-2 minutes). However, for creators who make videos longer than 10 minutes, for them, the average retention time of 45-50 seconds is too low and can be harmful in the long run.

Do not make money with these views: This kind of view can only help you rank your videos or quickly get over 10,000 views to get Adsense approval. But you can not think of making money simply by entering your ads and getting feedback on the above-mentioned sites. The use of Adsense Ads on these sites also poses a risk to your AdSense account.

Time-consuming: The sites also work on the Preview Exchange Model, you will spend a lot of time viewing other videos to get views of your video. Sometimes it may be too tiresome and time-consuming.