Using Twitter for YouTube Promotion – Viral Bao

Using Twitter for YouTube Promotion – Viral Bao

Twitter is the place where all the great people come and it is the best place to target the 100% genuine audience for your YouTube channel. Since the inception of social media, Twitter has emerged as the place where all the great talks take place. Counting from all the prime ministers, presidents, actors, writers, news media etc, all the big names are highly active and chatty on this platform and news spreads like wildfire here. So, why not take advantage of a free Twitter account to drive traffic to your YouTube channel and make your social media the tool to promote YouTube videos.

Online social presence is a quintessential part of YouTube promotions and indeed is the best way to advertise YouTube channel. If you think that Twitter is not much of help for your YouTube channel promotions then, we give you some of the reason that will compel you to start using Twitter as a medium to promote your YouTube channel for free.

1. Twitter has a monthly traffic of around 240 million users worldwide

2. Twitter receives more than 500 million tweets a day

3. It merely takes minutes for a tweet to get viral, on the other hand, it may take months or years for your channel to get popular on YouTube.

4. More than 30% of active Internet users are on Twitter

5. More than 80% of the world leaders use Twitter.

There are several others facts and stats about Twitter which might stun you, not to forget in monetary terms also, Twitter is one of the most suitable places if you are planning to monetize your YouTube channel and you are looking ahead to earn money from YouTube channel. The best part of Twitter is it's conversion rate as 57% of the audience actually go out for brand or product mentioned in tweets, be it of any kind. However, Twitter doesn't give you money like YouTube does but it can help you in a long run to monetize your YouTube channel and earn from it.

Twitter might come out a bit confusing for those who have never used it before but once you learn how to use Twitter, you can realize it's potential and worth. Meanwhile, at Viral Bao, we share some of the best tips and ways to use Twitter to promote for YouTube channel for free.

1. Never Tweet without using #HashTags

HashTags are words with most trending searches on Twitter if anyone searches for that topic, your tweet appears in that searches. Your tweets appear in high top searches when you use most popular hashtags in your tweets. So next time you tweet anything, don't forget to mention the hashtags related your YouTube channel and YouTube videos to help them gain the name and fame on Twitter. Do run a quick search on most trending hashtags before posting any tweet next time and use as many relevant hashtags as possible.

2. Tweet louder while mentioning YouTube channel

Twitter receives millions of tweets per minute, so make your tweet doesn't get lost away in such huge crowd. Tweet more and more without having to worry about spamming mentioning your YouTube channel. Other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn blocks your activities if they suspect spamming, however, on Twitter it doesn't happen too much. So don't be afraid of tweeting multiple times a day even if you are posting the same post throughout the day with a few phrase changes.

The more you shout out loud about your channel, the better visibility you get for your YouTube channel, so do it loud do it better and monetize your YouTube channel.

3. Use Twitter chats for your YouTube fans

A two-way communication is the best way to retain and attract new customers, take it to another level by holding live chats on Twitter and engage people in conversations. Ask them to give you suggestions about your next video, or any specific video that they want you to make.

Hold live tweet chat sessions with your YouTube fans on Twitter, use hashtags to tweets back, as the more the tweets with hashtags, more is the visibility of tweets over the internet. A clustered system of tweets leads to good conversations on Twitter attracting eyes all over the social media.

4. Mention all the brands in your Twitter chats

It is might be highly probable that you are using any particular product or any brand in your YouTube video, affiliate and influencer marketing is a great way to earn on YouTube and it includes brand promotion often. So mention all the brands in your videos using hashtags in your tweets. Popular brands are often searched on the internet and if your tweet comes in the searches, then you also get the advantage for your YouTube channel.

Brands and companies often appreciate those who promote brand products over the internet and you might also get some reward from these brands if your tweets get attention from your followers, so always tweet with your brand name in your tweets. Brand mentions in your tweets lead to creating a reputed image of your YouTube channel and it portrays a rather branded

5. Create a YouTube-free community on Twitter

If you are aiming to generate traffic on YouTube using Twitter, then create a community on Twitter first without giving any hint to your audience about your YouTube channel. Engage your followers with fun and knowledgeable content over Twitter.

Starting off on Twitter by bragging about your YouTube channel might come as unprofessional on Twitter as it highly professional as compared to Facebook, snapchat, and other social media platforms. Once you gain goof followership and tweet replies for your posts, you can eventually start by promoting your YouTube channel in your posts and that is the best way to promote YouTube channel.

Follow these easy steps to use Twitter as the most powerful tool to use for your YouTube promotions and to monetize your YouTube channel for free.