Finding Social Media Influencers Using Best Influencer Marketing Tools

Finding Social Media Influencers Using Best Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing which is dependent on its peers/product representatives to deliver the brand message to masses. Influencers are individuals who have the potential to influence the opinion about any product. Any individual who is a who comes up with a regular content and with a good social media following can be contacted by brands for online marketing. Online marketing tools has taken digital forms of marketing to a new height. Social media influencers are highly in demand as most of the audiences spend a good amount of time on social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. Social media influencer is an individual who has a large fan following or followers, so a brand message can be spread to the focused audience effectively. Brands need people who can promote their products in an easy and efficient. In this era of digitization, where a large number of people have chosen affiliate marketing as their freelancing or full-time business influencer marketing comes up with a flexible option of passive money making. Social influencers need a good hold of followers or subscribers which can ensure a minimum number of reach to the brands or influencer marketing companies. In order to inspire a certain category of the audience some of the best social media influencers are needed because they have a strong hold on their followers or subscribers but are also expected to increase their viewers with the power of content.

Some of the best influencer marketing tools for finding social media influencers are listed below:

1. FollowerWonk:

This is preferably one of the best social influencer tools that an influencer must have come across. If you are looking for a free app which can also work as a search engine for twitter which makes it easier for brands to find social media influencers without signing in to Twitter. Twitter Bios tab can help to find and connect the Twitter influencers as per the niche. It not only provides with keyword-based searches but also shows up the top influencers with the highest social appeals and their tweets. Besides being a premium product, one can also search the key influencers in each niche category in the free version. It even gives you the details of the influences who follow your competitors.

2. BuzzSumo:

This tool allows to search for the popular topics in a certain category or genre and identifying the influencer who shared it. This tool is based on keywords and hashtags as this tool is useful for those who are in the content marketing industry. BuzzSumo works on the analytic for content sharing and identifying the best influencer for your content. The app functionalities allow filtering influencers as per their category like bloggers, influencer marketing agency, news media etc. This is helpful in a way when a brand wants to spread awareness about a product on news and wants to get connected to a journalist, while the same brand may also want to promote via video through YouTube.


This tool works as an extension in the google chrome browser and helps to check all social connection in a sidebar. This tool facilitates in adding friends or connections from other social media accounts. The best feature in this tool is that one can check if any of the contact members have any contacts with the top social media influencers in the same niche and can even introduce the social influencers to you.

4. Tweetdeck:

This tool is a free social media tool for managing the tweets. It helps in displaying all attributes like timeline items, mentions, direct messages, lists, favorites, and hashtags. With Tweetdeck, one can manage up to 200 accounts. This tool is very powerful in terms of tracking mentions, find used hashtags, find influencers by re-tweets etc. It also gives alerts when a follower adds a new person to the list and can investigate if they are actually a potential influencer marketing network. Tweetdeck can also help in identifying the groups and lists people are connected to.

5. Social Crawlytics:

This tool helps in tracking the competitors and content. One can track all popular posts using this tool and can also manage reports that can help in determining the most shared content. This tool also gives you credits which are spent on each URL you crawl and can be regenerated while gaining the further bonus points. The report that is produced shows up a detailed format of social engagements and performance. Hence, this tool can generate some of the best and the potentially possible social media influencer.

6. Topsy:

The most intriguing element of this tool is the ability to discover the social influencers and their shared content. Topsy's social pursuit gives you a detailed data of connection shares and channels for the genuine shares. This tool comes up with an option to filter with 10 different languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish and Korean.

7. Twtrland:

It is an incredible tool for identifying social influencers who are getting connected or are already connected with you. The best features of this tool include filtering the social media influencers on the basis of celebrities, power users, casual and novice. It's essential to set realistic goals while targeting the social influencers as it helps to find influencers who have a wide reach in terms of followers and are more prompt in replying to your queries.

8. PeerIndex:

This tool has a different measurement of the social influencer's expertise. It is known for getting the best social influence by their niche category. The free subscription provides you with better features for social media influencer marketing and with limited features for analytic. It works as a terrific tool for monitoring social media as it has some magnificent options for brand influencer metrics, advanced filters, and demographic insights.