Promote Your YouTube Videos on Other Social Media Platforms

Promote Your YouTube Videos on Other Social Media Platforms

Congratulations! You finally created a YouTube account and you're up, running and ready to go. Even if you have a lesser or an average fan following, there are still numerous ways of getting more followers. One of the most effective way of gathering more audience is cross-promotion on different social media platforms. Presenting a guide on a few ways of promoting your YouTube videos on other social media platforms.

Cross-promoting Teasers and Videos

The basic of this step is to induce a feeling of curiosity amongst your viewers. Create a hype about your videos, or the next videos in the series. This is the best way of gaining loyalty of your viewers. Give them a sneak-peek of your video and a slight idea of what it is all about on different social media platforms, you'll be surprised with the results it'll yield.

Whatever you do, try to keep your fans curious about the next video that you're going to post. People tend to be attracted more towards the things that leave them curious. If you have a loyal fan following on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or instagram, or they're ready to become loyal fans of your YouTube, you just need to introduce it in the right way.

Engage, Engage and Engage with Your Followers

This is one of the best ways to ensure the promotion of your YouTube content on other platforms. The golden rule is to try to engage with your fans always as well as the accounts you admire yourself. You should never underestimate the value of this engaging with the audience. It may be a simple task, but is often overlooked as a boring and tedious task when you have a lot to do. Whether it's YouTube or one of the other social media platforms, you must make sure that you’re regularly responding to people’s actions like, likes and comments quickly. By engagement it doesn't mean that you simply say: “Thank you!”, try to start a conversation with them. Ask them if there’s a suggestion they would like to make. The they think that you’re paying them attention, the more they'll remain engaged with your channel and share your content.

Improve Thumbnails on Your Video

Let’s face it, whenever we search for something on YouTube, a list of hundreds of similar videos appear, along with the searched video. So, there are Strong chances that your YouTube videos will compete with a lot of similar videos. So, how to ensure that the audiences click your video first? Thumbnails can greatly help in this.

Create attractive thumbnail images that’s catchy and causes an urge to click. You can even upload a personalized thumbnail for your video by selecting the custom thumbnail option while uploading a brand-new video. For managing thumbnails of old videos, head to the Video Manager, click “Edit”, then select “Custom thumbnail”.

Qualities of an ideal thumbnail image:
Format: PNG, BMP, JPG, and GIF
Size: > 2 MB
Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
Aspect ratio: 16:9

Consider it as a business card for the page. It' ll be displayed whenever people search for a specific video or when they visit your page, or when your a video is shared. When designing your thumbnails keep a few things in mind like, Using simple and clear text which truly describes everything about your video.

Post Promotional Content:

If you already have a strong fan base on one of the social media accounts, for example on Facebook, then make sure you have something different to offer apart from your YouTube account. Give them a reason, why they should follow you on multiple channels. Share a bit different content on every social media account. For example, Try sharing “behind-the-scenes” video of the original content posted on YouTube. So as to get them excited to watch videos on your YouTube account as well.

Host Contests on Your Social Media Accounts

The audience always enjoy a good contest. No matter if, it’s hosted on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. If done correctly, it has a lot to offer you when it comes to the cross-promotion of your content and hopefully you might get a legion of new fans on your YouTube Channel.

Host contests asking your audience to show their creativity and offer them attractive prizes in return.

Never Underestimate Analytics

If your YouTube channel is new or it hasn’t been active since a long time, then your analytics will probably be inaccurate for awhile. Make observations and analyze your data like, What type of content works the best? What's the demand of your audience ? What time of day are your fans most engaged?Which part of the week are the fans most active on? Work thoroughly on the analytic part. This data is provided by most of the platforms and if they don’t, just go old school and observe which posts are getting the most likes and comments? What age/gender audience are you targeting? Then create the content which resonates with them. Also, ask them for their suggestions on the type of content they wish to see.

Be Consistent:

Starting a YouTube channel is great, but you must commit to always being consistent. While you don’t need to be completely rigid every time. Creating quality content takes time and practice and the only way to get better if you keep practicing it. You may think “it's not good enough” or “it still needs work”or even “it's nothing like what I pictured”, in that case you can never publish anything at all! If you want to achieve something via vlogging, you need to set goals. It could be publishing 1 video/month or 2 videos/week. Set goals that are achievable, and just stick to them. There'll be times when you wouldn't feel completely satisfied with the results, but it’s important to produce videos and upload them on regular intervals.

Another great way to prove your consistency and cross-promoting, is by creating suitable hashtags related to a day of the week resonating with the topic of your video. It could be anything like #triceptuesday or #funlegfriday if you’re an ifluencer in fitness domain.

Believe in Collaborating:

YouTube is known for being a community driven platform. You can reap a great deal of benefit from it, just reach out for some active creators like yourself and make some friends. Search channels you have a liking for and perform actions like sharing or commenting. But make sure not to spam them with comments. Be genuinely interested in people and the type of content they are creating, it works both ways and others will take an interest in you too. Never forget to share your videos too. If you share your video, it could be shared on 13 different social media platforms, this provides you with a lot of options! Wait that's not all, you can also make use of the embed tab that enables you to share your videos on blogs. In short, this is a social community, here people love to collaborate. If you ever find channels with similar domain, then you should reach out and try to work on a video together and promote each other. Opting for partnerships like these, will prove to be mutually beneficial and highly cost effective. While sharing your content with the audience you have the chance to double your exposure too, by sharing it on a partner channel.

Be Unique:

Finally, the most fundamental principle to follow. Be unconventional while even planning the content production. No matter what domain you choose to speak about, have a unique concept. You definitely wouldn't want to be seen blended in with your competition and surely wouldn't prefer being boring. Research on the videos of other channels of your domain, take ideas and then find a unique side of the subject that no one else touched yet. Be clear, concise, and above all, be unique!. Make use of keywords that tend to resonate with your niche. Incorporate the use of trending hashtags. Be passionate about your work, post with consistency, and cross-promote.