Learn How You Can Get The Biggest Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

PPC(Pay Per Click) is a global marketing trend in modern business where the affiliates can earn each time when the ad is clicked. It is another way of buying the number of visits to your website. PPC advertisements are one of the trending and popular forms of internet marketing techniques where you bid for the most authentic and high competition keywords to get an organic set of traffic to your business.

For example, if you bid for a keyword “shoes online” your ad may show up at the top of the google search page results than “buy shoes online”. Whenever a user clicks on your ad and visits your site, you pay a certain amount to the search engine. This can be better explained by an instance of product marketing if you sell a product worth $500 and earn a profit of $200, you decided your click rate to be $5. This means for every user that has come through your advertisers reference you pay $5. An advertiser is paid only for the clicks here.

How PPC Works?

Setting up a PPC marketing campaign is not simple enough. It takes a lot of effort and an efficient market plan to perform the market research on keywords and selecting the right one, organizing all keywords in campaigns. Creating the ad groups and optimizing the landing pages in to get conversions out of it. People are often mistaken for high costing keywords, search engines actually charge less if your keyword is relevant and well targeted by charging less. Hence, it is very important to learn how to use this tool to expand your business audience.

There is a huge demand for traffic through e-marketing and businesses are dying to get the genuine and organic crowds for their site. It is here google ad word marketing campaign plays an important role in driving the instant and organic traffic into your business. Pay per click programs is easy to work with when you know how to apply marketing strategies to the target market. The larger number of traffic you push to the merchant's site, the larger amount of revenues you earn.

Some of the best affiliate programs with the biggest PPC are listed below:

1. Bidvertiser

If you are looking for a program which helps you make money instantly then Bidvertiser is an excellent choice. The PPC here works on the bidding that takes among the advertisers which means publishing Bidvertisers you can actually fund a PPC campaign. In this type of affiliate marketing network, you have to select the type of target market, including the geographical target. You can even create ads for the advertisers and get paid for the clicks you receive.

2. Sharesale

Sharesale has 15 years of brand name in affiliate marketing. Sharesale is well known for providing a wide range of product marketing service categories to the advertisers/affiliates like shoes, makeup cosmetics, ornaments and jewelry, career, art, music, etc. This is helpful for both; merchant and the affiliate. Merchants require advertisers from all genres and having them as their affiliates increase the chances of targeting a wide variety of consumers in the international market. If you are a lifestyle blogger you are more likely to pick the products like shoes, makeup cosmetics, ornaments, music, films, fitness and the list goes on and on.

3. Google AdSense

This is the most popular program for getting money through PPC affiliate marketing. Google is the worlds largest search engine and picks the affiliates whose website meet the Google SEO standards and algorithm. AdSense approval does take time but if a website has a good and regular flow of content it is more likely to get an approval. People are more familiar with ad sense than any other PPC affiliate that's the only reason all newbies prefer it initially.

4. Query Ads

This program offers affiliate programs for both; advertisers, YouTube affiliate marketing, and publishers. An advertiser is a party which pays the advertisers each time they push the traffic and get clicks. Publishers are those who have their platform for the promotion and creates the media content in the form of e-books, videos or articles.

5. Points2shop

This program is preferred mostly by people who don't understand PPC much in detail as it has multiple ways to earn money. Affiliates here receive $1 for every referral and the best part is the payments are processed instantly.

This program is preferred mostly by people who don't understand PPC much in detail as it has multiple ways to earn money. Affiliates here receive $1 for every referral and the best part is the payments are processed instantly. This means you don't have to have a minimum number of payouts to get paid. Advertisers get an access to approximately 200 countries and around 4 million users. The programs works on many campaigns like; CPC(Cost per click), CPL(Cost per lead), CPS(Cost per sale), CPI(Cost per thousand impressions), CPA (Cost per action) and PPC(Pay per click). Even the programs are custom managed on the basis of targeting like Geo-based targeting.

PRO TIP: The first thing before signing up any affiliate programs you need to go through the following things:

1. Terms and conditions.

2. Commission percentage.

3. Minimum payouts, if any.

4. Payment processing time.

5. Penalties charged if any.

6. Merchant partners.