How You Can Make 2X Money From Same YouTube Videos – Viral Bao

How You Can Make 2X Money From Same YouTube Videos – Viral Bao

YouTube has proved to be the best source of making money online, in past few years. Some people use it as a passive source income while for some people it's a full time employment. The most primitive way of monetizing YouTube, is through Adsense. Adsense is a Cost per click advertising program which allows you to include advertisements in starting of the video, when the viewer clicks the ad you get your share of money for advertising it.

For this you need to enable monetization feature for your YouTube channel and connect it to Adsense account. Now, whenever those ads roll at the starting of your video and someone clicks it, you get paid for that. It's a very feasible and easy way to earn money online, though it's not the only way you can make money from YouTube platform. Here's a brief guide on how you can make 2X money from the same YouTube videos:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a genre of internet marketing which offers a great chance to all YouTubers and other online marketing peers to make money online. The science that deals with earning money are based on how you direct traffic to the website of the brand. Affiliate marketing is same as routing the traffic that visits your YouTube channel and engages with your videos. You can opt for an affiliate marketing program based on the type of customers you are focussing on.

For an instance, if you're a Vlogger of a fitness domain then brands like Muscle-tech, Nike, Cellucor, Sketchers etc are more likely to drive sales from the audience visiting your website as a part of sports marketing. When a visitor purchases the product of that brand through the link on your YouTube Channel, you get a specific percentage of money from that sale. This category of internet marketing where an advertiser joins in with an aim to become a wealthy affiliate.


Patreon is a different site and not the part of YouTube platform. It was launched in May 2013, it is yet another way to ask your fans to fund your channel and support your content creation. Patreon is different from YouTube Fan Funding because of doing automatic payments on intervals , opposite to a one-time donation asked by YouTube fan funding. Patrons are charged in two intervals: for every content released on Patreon, or a monthly fee.

While, Patreon's emphasis may seem to be more on creators, its services can be used by almost anyone who provides a digital creative service. A DIY instructor, a Dojo sensei, a chef demonstrating his famous recipes. Patreon is open for all talents. Patreon 'creators' are mainly active on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

It allows them a whole new way to monetize their content, often with the goal of moving from a hobbyist to dedicating full time to their passion.

Influencer Marketing

Apart from advertising on traditional print and broadcast media, brands are shifting their focus towards social media because of people’s immense engagement with it. Social influencers on various platforms are making huge money because of these marketing trends. Brands come looking for influential creators on social media and pay them to promote products to the crowd in their reach.

Influencer marketing is one of the many successful ways to make money online with YouTube. Influencer marketing is a modern methodology that has been innovated from the old marketing studies, where the focus is placed on a specifically targetted audience rather than aiming the general audience as a whole. It recognizes the peers that have already left an impact on the potential clients and plans promoting campaigns.

Audience always trust in what influencers recommend. Influencers have become a part of the lives of their fans, featuring every day on their smartphones. Audiences appreciate the content of the Influencer and trust the brands they use, which is being represented through their online channels.

YouTube Fan Funding

Introduced in September 2014. Fan funding allows viewers to make one-time donations to their favorite channels and content creators. Fan Funding isn’t YouTube's own concept, it was for the creators who were using platforms like PayPal donations and Patreon for getting donations /fund to aid the creation of their free content. If your content is worth your audience's while, they'll definitely support your video creation.

There are numerous social media platforms which offer opportunities for making money however the exposure is not as much as YouTube provides. While earning from YouTube you'll never run out of options, there are plenty of ways out there. You just need to have the right approach, high audience engagement and above all a highly interesting content. This is all it takes to be successful on YouTube and make money online from the comfort of your home.