Promote Your YouTube Channel Without Any Investment

When you google the ways to promote YouTube channel, it leaves you in splits with so many tools available these days to do your marketing aka video promotion part which apparently do nothing but make a big hole in your pocket. It can be extremely overwhelming to invest much in these promotional tools and still not getting the desired YouTube revenue. It is always better to try investment - free YouTube channel promotional methods first without spending money on digital tools right in the beginning. In this blog, we at Viral Bao have brought some of the best and most effective advice on do it yourself promotion strategies for your YouTube channel to gain the maximum number of views and subscribers for your YouTube channel.

  Promoting your YouTube Channel With Zero Investment Use SEO as the biggest marketing tool

Most of the people fail to realize the power SEO beholds and the wonders it can do to make your YouTube channel to the top and fill it with the power to promote it on its own without any external effort from your behalf. If you make sure that your video and its content has gone through the test of optimization, it will rank high in YouTube searches and will be easily visible to everyone, hence, increasing views and subscribers for your channel. Once you get the push of few views, you are well acquainted with the rest of journey of viral videos and ad revenue on YouTube through Viral Bao. So here are some points which must follow before uploading a video to help it rank higher in Google's searches:


Become friendly with Google Keyword Planner

Google provides free of cost service to find most suitable and rich keywords which you can use to make your content highly visible on the internet and rank it up on the searches. Once your video ranks up high, it attracts high viewership and the greatest part is you don't have to share it all over the social media to get views, through SEO your video markets itself.

It is essential that you use rich, high traffic keywords in following fields:

i).Title: It is often told that your title should be something catchy and unique and it stands true when you have an established channel, but when you have just begun your channel on YouTube, frame your titles with highly targeted keywords in it, if possible make it using all the relevant and top searched keywords.


ii).Description: Write a long description of your videos using rich keywords. YouTube gets to know about your video through the description you write, so be sure to give precise, long, well versed and again keyword rich description of your video.

iii).Thumbnail and subtitles: The lesser known facts about SEO is whenever you save your thumb images, make your they have a proper name or the same name as the video itself as it plays a big role in SEO again. If you are using any kind of subtitles in your videos, then make it a rule to run a keyword check on them while writing the script to get more search results for your YouTube videos.