Android & IOS Video App Builder Platforms

Android & IOS Video App Builder Platforms

Since the day smartphones came into existence and their use became prevalent, everything changed. Our lives became much more easier, from navigation to social networking everything is simplified by mobile apps. There was a time when creating applications for smartphones was a tedious and pretty expensive task. This was not all, the major problem was the programming knowledge it needed. Times changed and now here we are with platforms that offer app creation with templates already designed. You just need to pick the right ones for your requirement. Presenting best app makers for social media:

The Viral Bao app maker is the best app creator platform in terms of simplicity. It has an easy sign up procedure, you just need to fill-in some basic details like your channel name (YouTube Channel name) and email id and then you'll proceed to app creation dashboard. App creation at Viral Bao platform is so simple that a person with no knowledge of programming, can create an app for their YouTube Channel.

It offers some more unique features like, it's membership is free for lifetime. You don't even need to pay for publishing that app on app-markets (Google play store and apple app-store). The applications created on this platform are compatible with both android and IOS devices. Within a few short minutes you get an application that is dedicated to your YouTube Channel.

Appy Pie:

Appy Pie is a great platform for building apps. It is one of the earliest platforms for app making that are available online. It provides all features that you can visualize in your app. It has 32 templates that are already designed for your use. The templates are categorized according to the domain you want an app for. You can get a live preview of your app and observe how the user interface looks like. Appy pie also helps in getting social connectivity that is related to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This platform is capable of building apps that are compatible with various operating systems like Android, IOS, Blackberry, Amazon fire OS, Kindle, and Progressive Web Applications.

Apps Zero:

Apps zero is a platform that enables you to create apps compatible with all android and IOS devices like Tablet, I-pad. It has 80 templates that are already created for use and it allows you to build an efficient app for your business. No matter if you are into small business or into a large business an app works as a great tool to enhance the services. The only shortcoming of this platform is that it provides all type of subscription except the lifetime subscription.

Easy Easy Apps:

Easy Easy Apps platform gives you a 30 day trial period. You don’t need to purchase a subscription for this period. If you just want to create a trial app for your business and publish it. Your business surely requires an app but not every time you may need to get a subscription to it. This platform even provides you a simple subscription plan in a way where you can also get a basic app for use.

Apps Geyser:

The best thing about this platform? Everything is absolutely free! Apps Geyser provides you with a list of features that you can get in your app like preparing graphics, description about your business, publishing the resources, testing your app, getting reviews and managing your account. Moreover, Apps Geyser is a free platform that allows you to make the most out of it without spending a single penny. The only shortcoming of this platform is that the app created here, are not supported by other operating systems like IOS, blackberry, windows, Amazon OS and Progressive Web Applications. The apps created by apps geyser are only supported by android devices.


App.Yet is a platform that creates android applications only and not the other platforms like IOS, Blackberry, Amazon, and PWA. This platform even supports only Android devices and not the devices like tablets, I-Pads, and kindle. This is a paid platform and you will find the apps in Google app store. This is a great app making platform for those who are looking for a simple yet unique application for the business. The usability is much easier than any other app making platforms. Having an app on this platform can also save you money by getting a web presence for your business.