Stay on Top of Your Game With ViralBao App Maker

Stay on Top of Your Game With ViralBao App Maker

Smartphones have changed our lives entirely in past few years. There's an app for almost everything, from entertainment to daily chores, there's nothing that a smartphone can't do. With the help of these apps, you can pay your bills, shop online, get doctor's advice, track your fitness and most importantly stay connected to your social circle. Talking of social media, if you're a YouTuber with a channel having a decent fan following, you must know the importance of audience engagement and their loyalty to your channel. So, why not an App for your YouTube channel? Sounds like a great idea, but most of the people will take a step back considering the time-taking, hectic and tedious procedure of creating the app, not to mention the developing costs involved.

Luckily, with ViralBao app-maker, you can make an app absolutely free. The App-Creator platform by ViralBao enables you to create apps for IOS/Android platforms with just a click. You don't necessarily need any sort of knowledge or experience in the software development or programming field. You just need to enter your channel name and click on 'Create app' button and after you authorize your YouTube account you're ready to go. You can publish this app anywhere, on your website, on play store or apple app store. There are a lot more benefits than you realize, of having an app for your YouTube Channel:

Enhance Your Reputation:

The only way that people judge your brand, is by reading the reviews. With an app you get a chance to earn some precious reviews and ratings. This helps you in gaining your audience's trust. The more trust you get, the more prospects add up to your customer list. Having an app will act as a genuine stamp on your brand, as these reviews are the only legit source that justifies whether the audience should trust you or not. This is a very essential and crucial step for a brand, as without consumer's trust you can't achieve any of your goals.

Improves Your Services:

The profit you make out of your product solely depends on the quality of service you provide. You need to give your clients, something exceptional, a whole different experience that they can't find anywhere else. The best possible approach to accomplish this is by integrating a loyalty program into your app. It will cause more users to connect with your business and products, by this they'll gather more information about the products. This can be utilized for determining the best deals on those products they definitely need. If you have a program like that already, it can easily be integrated into your application, which would digitize your entire plan, and the information will be gathered after each purchase.

Therefore, when the customers notice their favorite products in real time rather than searching through the entire site, they'll be more than happy to shop on their wish-list.

Relate Better to Customers:

Maintaining a good relationship with fans/followers is an important, yet a difficult task. You can't please them just like that. With passing time, consumer expectations have also evolved. So, in order to fulfill expectations of the followers, you must find better techniques for gathering information or connecting with them. The better you know about them the better you can serve. Like, For example, take Small surveys as they can help gather important data about a customer by putting up a questionnaire while they sign-up. With the help of these surveys, you can get a better understanding of a customer's choice. You can even go for distributing bonus points to your customer for taking a quiz. This is a time-proven promotion technique which can promote your brand among the customers who would want to know more about the services that you offer.

Maximize The Profit:

The sales performance is directly proportional to consumer satisfaction, hence the focus should be on serving the customer while ensuring their full satisfaction. Having an app could greatly help you in getting the desired results from your service. Using an application for the business along with a website can boost up your sales and enhance the user experience as mobile phones are much handy and provide the desired ease of access. This also ends the requirement of uselessly maintaining the mobile sites. According to the experts, mobile gadgets represent 60% percent of the online requests of a business website. That means, if you own a YouTube channel then you too can increase your overall earnings with the help of a mobile application.

Above all this, you can get a complete record of customer details like their Email address, contact details, and social media accounts. Moreover, if you have an app, you can connect better with the youth audience. An app could prove to be a unique selling point for your products and you can lead the competition.