5 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites For Beginner - Viral Bao

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online, especially when you have a great deal of traffic on your channel/ website. Through affiliate marketing, you promote products by various brands and earn a fixed percentage of every sale/action/install. Affiliate offers can be like cost per sale offers where you fix amount or percentage every time you send traffic to the advertiser site, and they purchase something. One can promote Cost Per Action (CPA) offers that are paid when an action like free registration, sign up, etc. is initiated an affiliate earns a fixed amount.


Generally, the most popular affiliate programs offer three types payments.


Most popular payment method offered by most of the affiliate programs. By this program, affiliates get money whenever they route a visitor to the merchant's website followed by a sale. Various affiliate programs offer a fixed percentage of the sale as commission while the other programs will pay a fixed rate for every sale.


Pay-Per-Click is yet another common agreement for many affiliates marketers. Under this agreement, the affiliates get fixed rates depending on the number of client clicking on the links placed on the affiliate website that route them to the merchant website. Here a complete purchase is not necessary to earn commissions, when a client clicks the link and stays on the routed page for thirty seconds, it’ll be counted as commission. No matter what the visitor does on the merchant site, the commission stays unaffected.


In pay-per-lead the affiliates are paid according to the number of visitors that are routed to the merchant website, signed up and ultimately converted into leads. By signing up as leads, the visitors must fill out the information request form on the merchant site.

Although affiliate programs are a great opportunity for everyone to earn money online, choosing the best affiliate program is not as easy as it seems, especially if you are a beginner.

Listing top 5 Affiliate marketing websites for beginners:

Viral Bao is a great affiliate marketing network for newbies (Beginners). It doesn’t matter if you have a massive fan following or you just joined the league. Viral Bao is “one stop solution” for all. Viral Bao pays at CPS (cost per sale) payment criteria. Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to earn from a social media platform. On Viral Bao, you find the best affiliate tie-ups with top brands for your YouTube channel from the widest network of the brand campaigns. Viral Bao’s affiliate program is made for every type of creator let it be a beginner or a highly popular one, nothing holds you back from earning money with Top global brands, here you simply paste the link code and you earn money when any of your users click on any promoted product on link and purchase it from the target channel. It's simple and very effective, and with their strong network, starting is quick and making money is easy as a child’s play.

You can sign up as a Viral Bao affiliate here.

2. Rakuten LinkShare:

Rakuten LinkShare is one of the earliest affiliate networks. Although it is smaller than some of the top counterparts in the industry, but it has been one of the most preferred affiliate programs by people. Rakuten LinkShare has some special features that make it stand out of the crowd and distinguishes this platform from the rest. The greatest merit of this program is that it can switch within the various banners of the product which greatly helps during the optimization of offers. Instead of selecting manually that what particular ad will be running on your blog, LinkShare lets multiple versions of ad switch with only one small piece of code. LinkShare also offers better personalization of the types of campaigns by providing individual landing pages of the merchant site.

3. Amazon India

Amazon India is one of the most elite and leading names in the Indian e-commerce industry. High commission rates and high conversion rates are every affiliate marketer’s dreams. An Amazon account is all you need, for signing up for this affiliate program.

Once you sign up as an amazon affiliate you need to present a set of tools to amplify your product searchability and link creation. Using the Site-Stripe toolbar of amazon you can create an affiliate link to any page on You can even share the product affiliate link on Twitter or Facebook. The affiliate gets a list of promotional banners to promote through various sections of the blog. You can generate links with product images and integrate the code within the post to enhance click-throughs. Amazon’s affiliate program also offers commission for any products that the visitor purchases after clicking the affiliate’s link. Commission rates may vary from 0.3% to as high as 12% depending on the type of product purchased.

4. CJ Affiliate

It is one of the top players amongst affiliate networks, which offers a wide range of products. It works as a support pillar for both, merchant and the affiliate. The biggest advantage of CJ is that it gives a wide variety of the products and services to choose from as it has more than four thousand merchants. The tab of products and services provides you a liberty of choosing from a large number of companies.

It also provides you a flexibility of choosing the product and start making profit out of it.


ClickBank offers the most popular as well as powerful affiliate marketing program, which deals with the promotion of e-books. It’s counted amongst the first affiliate marketing websites on the web. You can sign in for free, this enables you to access the unlimited stock of e-books that are sold on the internet. The commission rates ClickBank offers are far more than the others in the market. This program has proved to be successful in attracting a large number of clientele, due to some unique advantages. ClickBank’s sign-up process is very easy and it provides an affiliate link to advertise the content anywhere. Anyone clicking on that link and making a purchase through it, earns you a commission. Commission rates are considerably high and can even earn you up to 75% on a sale and minimum commission rate has never gone below 10%. Being the favorite choice of affiliates, clickbank is preferred more as it pays the commission on time. While the other programs are still charging for registration, it is totally free on Clickbank. ClickBank also allows you to choose whatever you want to sell.