Examples of Affiliate Marketing to Help you Get Started Immediately

The concept of affiliate marketing, came into existence in 1988. This concept was proposed by William J. Tobin. It has been a pioneer in the marketing field since then. Amazon was the first company that made use of this concept in its program. This affiliate marketing program is known as Amazon Associates Program, it allowed people to sign up and be free to embed offer links of various products on their website. Amazon associate program came into existence in early 1996. The working was simple, upon sharing the links of Amazon’s products, they were paid a reasonable amount of money for routing new customers to the site. Amazon was the first company to make such a wide use of this concept and make an affiliate marketing network. After a huge success of this idea, the other brands in the industry also started with affiliate programs. Amazon’s Associate is still one of top affiliate programs. Presenting the best examples of marketing programs and learn how affiliate marketing works:

Affiliate Marketing on YouTube:

YouTube has become the most trusted platform for earning through affiliate marketing websites. YouTubers, get the affiliate links from the merchants, and embed them on their videos. Now every time , a viewer gets redirected to the merchant's site, YouTuber earns a specific amount of money. It may range upto 15% of that sale, depending on the type of product and the program that you signed-up for. Affiliate marketing through YouTube has a lot of advantages,

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Search Affiliate Marketing –

Search affiliates use search marketing strategies and tools like search engine optimization and pay-per-click affiliate programs for promoting the products of a specific brand. For that, the affiliate gets a fair share of the commission earned from the traffic routed to the brand’s site, or a commission per lead generated. Affiliates spend money on social media advertising campaigns, and some other paid advertising models to generate Return On Investment with the active affiliate offers. SEO and media buying affiliates drive a humongous amount of traffic and revenue for merchants. So, these affiliates of this type are in a high demand.

Affiliate Marketing Through Blogging –

Blogs are great to highlight the presence of any company online, like reviewing new products, brands send samples to the affiliates expecting them to post reviews about the products. This is a very effective strategy while promoting the product. The blog posts made by influencers of a domain result in organic ranking on the search engine. So, it’s always favorable for a brand to have a blogger promoting their products. This is also a type of affiliate marketing one should definitely consider.

Affiliate Marketing Via Loyalty Portals-

Loyalty portals are companies who possess large crowd of members and they're able to expose an advertiser offer to their membership base and there may even be a cash back offer. There are many loyalty portals out there which provides a golden opportunity to become an affiliate, where merchants place the offer. For example, Mall Networks is a good example of a loyalty affiliate publisher. Hence, this could also be a source of passive income via online affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliate Marketing Through Review Sites –

Review sites are highly popular among affiliate marketers. In this type of affiliate marketing, The affiliates create a site that reviews different advertisers of a particular niche, it could be anything like like dating, phone companies, gadgets, flowers, generally anything where you can take four or five different types of advertisers and then put them on a single site and then run paid search or organic searching across those

pages that feature different reviews, in a format of chart. You'll earn an affiliate commission whenever you refer prospects or traffic to website of any of those advertisers. This is a perfect example of high converting demographic of affiliates traffic.

Email Marketing –

Email marketing is the most primitive form of e-marketing for years and it continuously evolved since then. It went from a very raw state to a lot more targeted & ‘focused’. The only objective of the promotion has been finding a way into the prospect's inbox. Being an e-mail affiliate to boost a merchant’s campaign on a performance basis can help you earn substantial amount of money and it could become a reliable source of passive income for you.

Phone Calls –

Making phone calls for promoting products and services of a brand have been around for years. The referrals are made on 'per-call' basis or prospect transfer basis or even the live transfer basis, where the brands pay an extra amount for transfer through call centers. Most brands prefer promotion on 'per sale basis'. The relation of brand and affiliate/influencer has always been symbiotic. Both grow, if there's a better co-ordination of work. So, try and give it your best shot. You just need to have great communication and spoken skills for this. Above all, you'll need to have great convincing skills in order to convert a sale through your phone call. This is an old school mode of marketing which was prevalent even before affiliate marketing websites

These are some of the few versions of top affiliate programs, which are practiced by many affiliates out there. As you noticed that are multiple types of affiliate marketing roles out there, that the brands are looking for. If you're a good, competent affiliate marketer who can convert heavy amount of sales for a brand, then you're sure to achieve great success in this field. If you have the knowledge of your domain, then go out there and make some money from it!