Start Online Affiliate Marketing On YouTube – Viral Bao

Start Online Affiliate Marketing On YouTube – Viral Bao

YouTube affiliate marketing is a modern means of marketing which involves video creation and embedding the magic links in the video and in the video description. That video when clicked takes users to a different page where one can buy the product which a user wishes to. All this is done with an aim of commission-earning through internet marketing.

That's a simple way of getting the traffic to your website hence increases the chances of conversion hence making you a wealthy affiliate on the e-marketing platform.

Whatever method you apply, the ultimate goal remains the same. Web traffic getting converted into sales. All you need to have is loads of content on hand with tested marketing strategies. YouTube is a very popular medium among the masses and is considered one of the reliant source of information, widely used in the international market.

There are two categories of marketers involved in YouTube marketing. The first category of marketers is those who create their own channels and look for likes and views. The content here could be anything including education, science, technology, finance etc. They take affiliate marketing as one more way to earn money. Every content that is developed promotes a brand, embedded through a clickable link. Any purchase made through those affiliate links drives sales to the merchant and commission for YouTuber.

The second category of marketers is those who rely only on affiliate marketing. For them, the whole idea of marketing is to earn more and more commission through the affiliate marketing.

Getting started with Affiliate Marketing on YouTube:

Before you start doing it, always consider the best practices for the implementation of your marketing strategy.

Why YouTube?

YouTube is one of the most competitive marketing tool available so far. The reason why it is widely used and preferred is that it gives access to a large amount of video content to the target market. As far as the education and understanding of any topic are concerned, videos help in better understand and explanation of ideas. Blog content has its own significance though simulation is the key factor for the success of video content. There are still some categories which can be explained better through simulations. The role of YouTube comes into the frame because of its friendly interface and features which allows people to stay connected and also earn through it. So far, no other platforms are providing such flexible and diversified options to make money online with such viral marketing. Hence, YouTube brings the bright hope of future for affiliates.

Choosing the right type of videos to generate revenue

There are innumerable types of styles and formats of videos that can be created for affiliate marketing. However, there are some set of formats that are found to be successful.

Since there are some formats which sometimes doesn't suit the purpose of affiliate marketing, hence the video creation on the basis of media, marketing channel is a must.

Review of Products

Reviews play an essential role in changing the mindsets and approach for a product or brand. Hence, feedback videos are also equally viewed. As a matter of fact, consumers tend to watch review videos before making a buying and purchase the product on those videos.

Video creation

Video creation is not just to upload a self-shot video here. Explanatory videos in the form of cartoons and characters are more easily understood and viewed by people. Moreover, the entire idea is to get the affiliate links clicked on those videos.

As a YouTuber or a content creator, one has to prove as an expert on the subject matter. This is important to get a value of trust from the viewers.


The best method to get the crowd of traffic is to build a long list of subscribers. Your channel may upload a video in a month. Nobody cares if you are going to make another one as good as the previous video. Subscribing a channel helps your subscribers getting the notifications automatically so they can stay updated with your current updates. Here the chances are almost negligible to miss out on your hard work.

How do You-Tubers make money?

You-tubers rely on ads for money. The more videos you have on YouTube, the more ads are going to appear when someone views your video. Also, the prominence matters here, how long are the sessions and how frequently you post the content on YouTube.

As a platform owner, YouTube always wants the number of users to view your content. Therefore, promotion of videos needs to be done through other websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

What affiliate program you choose?

There is a great range of all affiliate programs offered in the global market. The best part is you can choose your program according to your niche area. Your content and category decide your set of audience and that traffic need to be well diverted for the relevant product they could be looking for. The affiliate program that you are going to choose will be totally dependent on what channels of promotion you use and how you are boosting the sales.

A goal without a plan is just a wish so it is always better to create a blueprint!

Where will you get affiliate links from?

Affiliate links are created in the form of a code, also known as affiliate codes generated within the affiliate program interface. These codes are often used with the text links and the same can be embedded in the YouTube videos. These affiliate links or codes increases the chances of conversion through any engaging content as a major part of any internet marketing campaign.

Which video should be targeted for integrating the affiliate links?

The simplest way to decide this is to pick any video which has a content related to the product review. You can embed the link in that video and as soon as the user views that link it will automatically take you to that page where you can buy the product. The link here can also be included in the description box. Though it should be taken care that not too many links are put in the description box.

Disclaimer and terms & conditions

It is always better than, your viewers know what you are doing and the purpose of doing it. By adding disclaimers you tell everything in the legal context of your work and the terms and condition tell viewers that it is a business video and aims at revenue generation. Though Google has never said to include these ones should always play safe doing so will automatically build the trust of the viewers.

What are the commission rates being offered if I am new to it?

A Commission is a part of the revenue which is given out of the product sale. There is no fixed commission rate, for each product, there is a different price range and the revenue earned on it differs from time to time. Some brands offer a very less percentage of commission because the sell-out rates may be higher, on the other hand, some brands offer a very high share of commission as some products are hard to sell. Revenue and commissions entirely depend on marketing factors like global marketing, domestic marketing, marketing objectives, product marketing etc.

There are no such criteria wherein a person who is more experienced and old to the affiliate marketing program will be rewarded a larger share of commission and the less experienced one will be given less. The best thing about the affiliate programs is that there is no seniors and juniors and the one who does well will be rewarded well.

How do you keep a track on your commission?

Keeping a track on your commission can be easily done, when a user clicks on your affiliate link and ends up in buying a product, a cookie is transferred on to the user's computer which tracks all the purchases. The best part is that link will work on all the purchases made using that link, not just the specific product for which the link was created initially. The affiliates can earn commissions on all the purchases made.

“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires”- Bo Bennet