Top Affiliate Apps To Become A Mobile Affiliate

Top Affiliate Apps To Become A Mobile Affiliate

Mobile affiliate marketing is a rising trend in the field of digital marketing. It has created a hype as the use of mobile apps became popular from the last 8 years. Mobile apps for affiliates can avail much more than the direct marketing and can scale you much higher in order to maximize your revenues. Mobile affiliate apps have opened new doors to access the brands from any place and at any time.

As the time passed, we have distinguished between the online marketing with the fraud activities that was prevalent at a huge level. People were fearful about online money transactions and viruses hacking the systems. With the technological advancements, we have overcome those barriers and have become successful in managing businesses and work online. Becoming a mobile affiliate marketer is effortless since it only requires an app to get things registered and track everything online remotely.

Mobile marketing works on few of the fundamental system like downloading, sharing and call to actions. Mobile apps can be fruitful for both; the marketer and the app owner. Affiliates need a source of income which is well evaluated when a user shows some interest to download and refer it to others. While the owner gets the maximum benefit out of the app when the apps help in maximizing the traffic resulting in sale or acquisition.

Some of the common Affiliate Marketing Apps are mentioned below.

The affiliate marketing apps provide out with the legitimate ways to earn money online, by not just being safe but also genuine and real-time money transfer.

If you are looking for a mobile application which can help you to access all types of affiliate programs at one place, Affiliate Dashboard is one such platform. This app not only provided you with a list of affiliate marketing programs that you can choose but also helps you in sharing your content over the social media promotion with efficient tracking tools.

Once you sign up for all your details, you can pull out all types of affiliate programs and access the dashboards there itself. The best part of being a mobile affiliate is you can share your links using your mobile device from preferred location and time. You can even track your progress and manage the earned commissions through the apps. This app also helps you in finding more affiliate programs

Commission Factory App

Commission Factory is a remarkable app for all affiliates. This app helps you with the following benefits:


This app helps you to monitor all promotional work and sharing the feedback if required. However, affiliates often need the guidance and suggestions in order to get the work done efficiently.


Since monitoring and tracking means the same but in case of affiliate networks and marketing tracking the data is also a crucial part.


Commission Factory app helps you to get the real-time analytic report and the statistics to improvise.

Revenue Reports

The revenue reports are shared in order to keep things transparent between the affiliate and the merchant.


The notification feature is very common in almost all kind of apps. Notifications help you to stay updated about the recent updates on any product or services. Affiliate marketers need a notification pop up for getting updated on any new affiliate program or industry news in the respective fields. Reply and message features for referral purposes. Not all the apps give you an option to message or speak over the mobile affiliate network. However, commission factory has a brilliant feature of not only messaging but also replying to the messages or emails.

Real-Time Transactions

The commission factory comes up with an n number of features but if you would ask the best option so far in any of the affiliate apps is the real-time payment and transactions.

Performance Reports

The performance report is very common while you work for someone else in a company, why not important when you work for yourself. As performance measurement is an effective method to expand your growth.


Every app whether big or small required to be updated with the latest updates in the market. If you have a real-estate business you can afford to miss out on the contact feature.

Make Money App

Make money is a superb app for the affiliates to guide them in earning money and learn to make money by working from home. This app can help you with the innumerable number of ways for earning online. The app is featured in such a way that it shares the excellent guidelines to earn as an affiliate. Some of the common promotional work includes promoting and selling/reselling the apparels, blogging, development of the course modules, e-books, website development themes, marketing through emails etc. It has been named as the best mobile affiliate guide so far. As a whole, this app guides people on making money through all digital methods.

Additional features of the app include:

1. How to make money through Affiliate programs.

2. Simple tips and tricks to earn money online by selling products using social media.

3. Learn how to become a super affiliate marketer.

This app not only helps with features but also guides you through each step of making money online or starting your own business. We all are aware of the article on earning money online resulting in a sales pitch or a free sale offer ending up in marketing trap. This website guides you with all such genuine ways to earn money online and earning high incentives. Not limited to regular marketing, this app also includes selling t-shirts, dealing in bitcoins, cryptocurrencies and stock trading.