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Old Navy's-In Vogue   Old Navy is now a well-known brand for American clothing and accessories owned by multinational company Gap. Old Navy had teamed up with one of the US-based company for the brand called "50 Styles 50 States". This social media influencer campaign was initiated at the time of a fashion event with a goal of promoting "trendy" as a democratized and affordable brands. This brand speaks about the individual's nation and state's style. The agency collected influencers from different domains and was successful in showcasing different styles of all states. The belief, fashion for everyone is declared successful by state by state site. Customers have a filter option to either choose by state or by garment worn by the brand influencers. Shoppers were also invited to click pictures on the best Old Navy look and tag on Instagram.   Daniel Wellington   While there's nothing especially inventive about this case, it merits the size of the effect that influencers can produce. Daniel Wellington is a watch brand that has decided to totally sidestep conventional advertising to concentrate on social influencers. The brand pays big names for supported presents and endowments watches on lesser-known small-scale social media influencers. In return, they post photographs of themselves wearing the watch, joined by a one of a kind cash off code for the followers. It's a clear equation; wonderful pictures of moderate jewelry which not only promotes a lifestyle but a product too. More than 1 million posts were promoted with #danielwellington hashtag with an outcome of over 3 million followers. Considering the brand's beginning as a small start-up, it's an amazing showcase of the marketing technique's and potential.   Naked Juice #DrinkGoodDoGood  

This packaged smoothie marked its edging way with health, fashion, and beauty on Instagram. Lifestyle bloggers shared the sponsored posts of their everyday outfits and essentials - including a strategically put Naked Juice in the snap. During the Naked Juice's #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign, 10 pounds of free, fresh fruits and vegetables were donated to individuals living in deserts. All Instagram clients need to do is take a selfie with a natural product or veggie, inscription the photo with the hashtag #DrinkGoodDoGood, and label Naked Juice.More than 10,000 posts used the hashtag up until this point, which means more than 100,000 pounds of healthy veggies and fruits grown will be given to the individuals who require it most. While all the campaign members drinking is also looking great and even improving.   Hallmark's #KeepsakeIt   Trademark has moved its financial plan far from conventional marketing and toward more digital marketing, particularly amid the holidays. In 2016, it took advantage of influencer marketing by connecting with mommy bloggers and other family-oriented social networking influencers to share their #KeepsakeIt moments. These moments may comprise of a clever story from a past Christmas, traditions close to that blogger's family, or delicate minutes the blogger wants to share. Alongside the story, Hallmark promoted its remarkable Keepsake endorsements, which can be custom-tailored or handcrafted to save that memory for future. This influencer marketing campaign was fruitful as it got an advantage of an enthusiastic season where crowds are now swinging to their families for the occasions. The mix of family bloggers, Hallmark, and the Christmas season streamed together to make a worthy fit and promotion that encircled customers from all sides.   Gap #styldby.You   Gap, the high-road design retailer, has been utilizing influencers for quite a while. It has collaborated with style bloggers to make its online fashion focus Styld.by. The website has sites composed, made and styled by prominent style bloggers who utilize and highlight Gap's garments in their articles. Gap additionally urges fans to post their own particular substance, known as client produced content, in a region called #styldby.You. Customers are invited to post their pictures of their own looks/style on Instagram by using the hashtag #styldby, which is then pulled in and reutilized on the brand's hub.  

By joining hands with bloggers and design influencers, Gap has enhanced the capacity to its range exponentially.Some bloggers have even reaped more than 95k  Instagram followers who are sharing their posts routinely.   Ribena   The UK based drinks brand needed to get connected with the much-looked audience for after millennial age. It made a pop-up with a cafe partnered with Alex Lucas, to pull in fans and followers to come and connect with the brand. Taking advantage of the famous pattern of grown-up shading books, guests were requested to add to a 'colorful experience' by painting an illustrative wall section. The Ribena advertising team adopted a three-pronged strategy to utilize influencers to spread the message. They also worked with Giovanna Fletcher, a prominent TV character and one of the followed vloggers; hired Confetti Crowd, a gathering of all-young lady Instagrammers set for empowering the females and in addition worked with 30 extra micro-influencers on Instagram. Each Instagram Influencer made some content for the influencer marketing campaign and shared them among the users.   As per Ribena's senior brand manager, Emmeline Purcell, who talked at the current Festival of Marketing occasion, the influencer campaign created 120 sets of content, enticed 66,000 guests to its site and the brand perception score went up by 10%; they even credited the 6% ascend in offers of Ribena Light to the apply of influencer marketing. TaylorMade Golf   TaylorMade Golf, a brand with a mission to make the best performing golf items on the planet, sponsors, and supplies a part to the world's best proficient golfers. Content being powered for the golfers, interactive content in long-form articles and social content on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube videos. As the players are currently making content and update the social channels, curating the best substance keeps their site engaging. The content increases the time spent on the site and eliminates people from pamphlets and newsletters. According to Graeme Morton, Consumer Marketing Manager at TaylorMade, the dwell time increased by three times than any other website.