Influencers Who Are Making The Best Out Of Influencer Marketing

After the launch of the Internet, brands have got their activities online and are utilizing all the attributes that they get out of such advancements. With the advent of digitization, most influencers for branding have started promoting their content on the Internet to attract more and more customers in order to increase their revenue. The Internet has made it possible to run a venture online without investing in office spaces and hiring the employees. When it comes to driving traffic to our websites, which is merely a reason for success, it appears scary for the retailers and dealers to achieve it. Not only, you need to direct traffic to your online platforms, but you also need to keep a check on the brand authority.
Although it is new to small businesses and website owners, that the influence of influencer marketing has risen by more than 800% from the year 2013. As per the latest reports, about 70% effective strategy is being implemented to increase the online activities to next levels. It is also found that 84% of internet marketers already use online-marketers to influence in some way or the other for the brand promotion. These statistics reveal the true facts that are being used by thousands of companies and they have helped them earn the best results through it. If you are not using this marketing method and are unable to understand, how it works well for your brand; don't worry. Let's take a look at the seven most influential media to get a clear picture of how an influencer or a leading influencer company can help your business grow rapidly.

1.Jake Paul

Jake Paul is a known personality when we talk about the best Instagram influencers, starting with several videos that quickly became viral over the internet and brought around 17 million followers to date. Jake's videos are still very popular till date but have also earned awards for various contents like "Musical", YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and Twitter. He has got over four billion views and also works as an actor. We thank him for his credibility as Jake has also managed to begin TeamDom, his new adventure. Today, all huge brands like Coke, Universal Studios, and beats rely on Jake Paul for the influence. He is also known as one of the social media influencer stars on the web.

2. Dr. Mikhail Varshavski
Dr. Varshavski is currently a third-year medical professional in Russia. People know him as Dr. Mike. He has a following of nearly 2 million on Instagram as he is very active on Instagram. Dr. Mike's Instagram following took pace by posting about himself – while he was in the office or in the Gym. His frequent posts include his pictures with his dog. His posts include motivation about healthy lifestyle and encourage his followers to adopt a healthy regime. Dr. Mike's social presence is not limited to Instagram, instead, he is also present on snap chat and Twitter.

3. Neil Patel
When we talk about influencer marketing agency and online ventures, Neil Patel is a "guy to learn from" He started with supporting local businesses with search engine optimization, but presently he is one of the famous persons in the niches of Internet marketing and Influencing. He is skilled in various fields along with that he holds a designation of Co-founder of Hello Bar, Crazy Egg, and many other ventures. Neil Patel is often used as an influencer for a brand influencer network like Amazon, Viacom, HP, etc. Neil’s Facebook follower count has reached 1 million has and Its Facebook influencer follower reaches almost one million and has over 250 thousand Twitter followers.

4.Furious Pete
This name is well known as an iconic social media influencer promoting a different range of items including fitness regime and supplementation. Pete is also known as she survived deadly ailments like cancer and anorexia. Today he is known as a popular fitness model and a known YouTube influencer on the internet, having more than 5 million subscribers on YouTube. Furious Pete has also started working on his own outfits and supplements in order to direct the fitness needs of the audience or followers. Pete also works as a host of a popular German show that is sponsored by different brands, which he also promotes on his videos.

5.Christina Bazon
Christina Bazon is a known vocalist/speaker for L'Oreal Paris and has used her skills to become popular on social media in the niche of fashion. Her Instagram follower count is nearly 2.5 million as she also owns a fashion blog named, Kayture, where one can hire a pro from the crew members to work. Christina is also associated with other elite brands like Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana.

6. Jennifer Seltter Jennifer started her career as a clerk at a neighborhood gym, however, at present, she holds a following of over 11 million on Instagram and millions of followings on other social media promotion channels. People started noticing him after her popular booty-boosting program and she has earned that fame in the fitness category today. She has gained the interests of both kinds of audiences namely “booty-boosting” and “fitness” category. Jennifer works as an influencer for many of the well-known brands and also looking forward to starting a business with outfits for the workout.


Top social Influencers promote a different range of products through innumerable platforms for the marketing and sale of brands. The best feature of social media influence is that the influencers get to know when the success rates fall and areas to work on to improve the count. The attribute that affects the social media is gaining popularity among the masses and gaining trust by the brands.