Ultimate Guide to an Influencer Marketing Network

Ultimate Guide to an Influencer Marketing Network

Promotions done by running campaigns with help of top social media influencers, has become a crucial part of influencer marketing strategy of almost every brand. While it's a very efficient practice, and a very fruitful one too, but it's not as easy as it looks like. Finding the right influencer is a key variable for the success of an influencer marketing campaign. If the influencer has a high reach in your target market but a low engagement rate, then it could result in lower efficacy of campaign. Tracking the progress of a campaign is equally important as finding the right influencer, as without keep a track of campaign's performance you're just wasting the valuable time and money you spent. Tracking includes, checking the number of sales converted or the amount of traffic routed after the influencer posted something for your promotion.

This takes us to an important question, that how to efficiently run a campaign in order to get the most out of it? For every issue mentioned above, the solution is Influencer Marketing Network. Here, brands can easily find influencers suiting requirements of the campaign. These networks facilitate your brand campaigns to a great extent.
Here are the major functionalities offered by social influencer marketing platforms:

Influencer Selection:

This is the most crucial step for a campaign, this is the point where either your campaign is a success or a complete failure. This is where a marketing network comes into play. An influencer marketing network typically provides you options from thousands of influencers. Those who are suitable for your campaign will be sorted according to their social worth and your budget. You'll be provided all the analytical data like, their social followers on different channels as well as engagement on their posts. This data plays a very important role while choosing the appropriate influencer for the campaign, as you wouldn't want a representative for your brand, who's followers don't interact with his posts. Fortunately, there are networks which have thousands of influencers in their database. In other words you get a thousand options to choose from. Now you can get an influencer who is 'tailor-made' for your campaign.

Tracking Performance:

Whether it's about calculating someone's social worth or audience's engagement with the posts, analytics play a very crucial role for ensuring the success of a campaign. While investing hefty amount of money for promoting with influencer, it is necessary that you aim for precision and notice every aspect of your campaign. Like, the audience engagement on posts of your promotion campaign, sales converted through influencer links or referral codes, or simply the traffic routed to your website. If you want to make the best out of every penny you spent on campaign, you must observe every number, every figure associated with it.

In order to ease the process of analysis, a digital influencer marketing platform is pre-loaded with analytical tools which provide you with every information at one place. Infact some of them are so powerful that they can track even the smallest details like on what channels was the content posted, how much engagement did it get, the amount of leads generated through each post, etc. Hence, it is a fairly convenient choice to use a facebook influencer marketing for running and managing the campaigns to get the best value of every buck spent.

Campaign Preferences:

Running and managing a campaign are secondary parts of promotion, but the primary step is how the campaign should run. Setting up a campaign and specifying how it should run, is a basic and a very important step. At this step you must determine the duration of campaign, the influencers who should run it, a brief information on the audience to be targeted like their age, gender, location, etc. It could be a hectic and an error prone task when done on your own.

Luckily, some professional networks viralbao.com have admin panels which manage everything like, setting up your campaign, influencer selection and your target audience. Now, you can perform every task for an efficient campaign in just a click. These are some of the things which consume time unnecessarily, but the success of your campaign depends totally on these factors. The analytical tools and softwares, supporting these platforms are very powerful as well as accurate. So, you can completely rely on them. It's always convenient to let the softwares do everything just sit back and relax.


It is always great to run and manage a campaign with the help of a marketing network. As it acts as one-stop solution for everything that needs to be done. Whether it's searching for instagram influencers, specifying the operations, or mining the campaign analytics, it's beneficial to take help of the influencer marketing platforms because they take the load off your shoulders and can offer more precision and improve quality of work. By using these networks you make sure that you get the best out of every penny you spent for your campaign.