Why Influencers Should Be A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Why Influencers Should Be A Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Becoming an Influencer is not that difficult nowadays where digital marketing is taking off like a jet. You need subscribers on which you can rely and to whom you can promote the product for Brand. Now obviously more subscriber will lead to more views and more views will lead to a great sale for a Brand and influencers for branding will pay you more for that. For instance, you met a person who just came to your house and explained you about the product and on another side a person whom you follow and feel that he/she's a genuine consultant then whom would you trust more?

That’s the reason companies are more likely to give their brand promotion tips in the hands of the Influencers. Its cheap and best way for Brand now to promote a product with a promising vast audience and also they save a lot of time by outsourcing this.

As Influencer marketing is catching fire and there are Influencers for every Industry and Brands have the Bargaining power but on another side, they want to get this done by an Influencer so this depends upon your channel potential and your followers at the end of the day. If you've not yet decided that in which Industry you should deal then here's an advise that you should take market relevant to your channel so that audience can trust you more and this works too for many of the Influencers. For example, a person having a YouTube Channel for fitness promotes the Fitness equipment or products will make sense and will get maximum out of this.

Why You Need Influencer ?

Working with an Influencer can fulfill the following goals for a Brand.

Brand Awareness

From 2015, 28% of online sessions are spent on social networking platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. Social media influencer tools are not only effective for creating brand awareness but also for credibility. Consumers often discuss and evaluate products and services that are of importance to them or who have purchased or wish to purchase. Brand knowledge is spread while others view and interact with publications and updates. It is a perfect experience for users to connect to the company's website through social media tools.


Influencer marketing is an outstanding brand-building strategy, whether want to enter as a brand or with a brand new product or an accepted brand that is seeking user connections and positive recommendations for the brand. Steps for an Influencer marketing strategy lets you explore what brand trust is and how you can use the influence of marketing to build confidence and the benefits that come with it.

Social Following

Social media revolutionizes the way people create and share ideas on the web. Billions of people around the world use social media, which makes it more popular than any other traditional marketing platform. Here are some of the latest statistics for the social media growth:

1. Social media has over 1000 million active users in a month and over 700 million active users every day.

2. Out of a total number of Instagram users, 75% of the users are not from the US.

3. Instagram has more than 1 million advertisers up to 200,000 last year

4. 80% of Instagram users follow a company & brand today.


If your business still has to make a successful influencer strategy, your business is not working at full power, presently. But only a social media strategy is no longer enough to compete in the online selling space. Commerce through mobile targets social influences that promote sales and engagement online. Your business will earn greatly from these social celebrities on your part, as the influencers affect all step in your sales funnels. Imagine yourself as a Brand is getting all this from the work of one Influencer, Shocked?

This is just a start of a brand marketing plan and this will definitely be becoming a blockbuster of Marketing in coming times.

Benefits of Brand Influencer Campaigns.

1. Expand your Reach

Influencers followers are your reach and the more the Influencer's subscribers the more you'll going to expand the reach of your Brand.

2. Increased Awareness

An Influencer is going to say and spread a word about your Brand's product. Which is totally going to work for you in spreading awareness amongst the targeted audience.

3. Improve Optimization

Our network contains explicitly good content writers which will definitely describe your content and SEO for your site and Product will get better.

4. Save Money

You can save lots of money by giving some to the Influencers. Brands nowadays are using this as a marketing strategy.

5. Cheaper Maintainance

It cost a lot less than any advertisement and maintenance cost is low as only you and Influencers are involved.

6. Amazing ROI

The investment can be small but you can earn more from this. You have to trust the power of an influence and return on investment will be good and better day by day.

7. Save Time

As you're outsourcing most of the promotional work to the Influencers you can save a lot of time and work for you and can generate more in following your other strategy.

8. Gain the Trust

As consumers trust influencers more than the Brands nowadays, so you can gain the trust of the consumers from them.

9. Social Followers

As Influencers are going to spread a word about your Brand. You'll definitely be getting more popular which means more followers on social media platforms.

10. Increased Sales

More reach, More Followers, More Trust and More ROI will definitely go to give you an increase in the sale. Exactly what you want in the end.