10 Breakthrough Tips & Tricks for YouTube Beginners - Viral Bao

Everyone aspires to make massive money through YouTube, but does everyone make it to “the hall of fame”? Before you start with your YouTube career, there are a few things to keep in mind. Below are the 10 expert proven breakthrough tips for YouTube beginners.

1. Pick Your Domain Wisely:

Right before starting a YouTube channel, you must decide what domain you want to address while posting. Though it’s totally creator's choice, which niche they'll discuss with their viewers. Always perform an in-depth research on the popular vlog domains and see if you find something interesting for yourself. The channel should be based on a particular theme or a niche. Some people choose a broad theme, while others focus on something more specific. It is very important to pinpoint the audience that you wish to target in order to get your vlogs on top.

2. Consistency in Posts:

Quality content takes time and practice and the only way to get better if you keep practicing it. You may think “it's not good enough” or “it still needs work”or even “it's nothing like what I pictured”, in that case you can never publish anything at all! If you want to achieve something via vlogging, you need to set goals. It could be publishing 1 video/month or 2 videos/week. Set goals that are achievable, and just stick to them. There'll be times when you wouldn't feel completely satisfied with the results, but it’s important to produce videos and upload them on regular intervals.

3. Blend in, Share, Socialize, and Collaborate

YouTube is known to be a community driven platform. You can reap a great deal of benefit from it, just reach out for some active creators like yourself and make some friends. Search channels you have a liking for and perform actions like sharing or commenting. But make sure not to spam them with comments. Be genuinely interested in people and the type of content they are creating, it works both ways and others will take an interest in you too. Never forget to share your videos too. If you share your video, it could be shared on 13 different social media platforms, this provides you with a lot of options! Wait that's not all, you can also make use of the embed tab that enables you to share your videos on blogs.

In short, this is a social community, here people love to collaborate. If you ever find channels with similar domain, then you should reach out and try to work on a video together and

4. Criticism Shouldn't Affect you too Much:

The biggest merit as well as demerit about social media is that anyone can say whatever they feel like saying. When you're creating videos and sharing them on the web your position is actually vulnerable. You are exposing your content up to an audience consisting of complete strangers. It can be risky because you never know who’s been watching your videos or what could be their reactions, but that’s a risk you can afford to take while producing videos. You must focus on creating content you gave your best on. Get motivated by the positive responses you get from viewers, and ignore the criticism that hinders your progress.

5. Asking People for Engagement:

The best tip for growth of your channel? Just engage with your audience. Focus on call to action. Ask them for their suggestions on your content, Ask them to like your video or to subscribe for more videos. You can simply say, “Guys, if you enjoy this video, make sure to hit the bell icon so you never miss out on any video of ours” , or you can say “ Like, comment, share and subscribe if you like our videos”.More likes, comment, views, and subscribers help in ranking your videos on the top. YouTube will promote your content if people like them or if they have higher engagement because YouTube measures your popularity on basis of likes, comments, views, as well as the duration of viewer's engagement with your video.

Subscribe to other YouTube channels as well. Watch, learn and improvise from their content.

6. Watch Out for Trends:

Highly popular YouTube influencers make the use of this practice. They're always aware about what's happening around them. Keeping an eye on the social trends help you to create the type of content which is the demand of that instance of time. This also helps in creating sometimes very viral content. Be fully immersed in your domain and open your ears to every new thing happening around you, so that you keep up to date with the latest trends.

7. Understanding the Need of SEO:

The only way to improve the ranking of your videos and being visible to the viewers on YouTube is by doing the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your content.

There are many YouTubers who have remarkably great videos, but their content doesn't rank great on YouTube. Shooting a video and editing it could be 90% of the work, but it’s the significant 10% that makes you visible to the people.

Some basic SEO tips:

1) An appropriate and descriptive title:

Be very careful while giving your vlog, a title. It should be descriptive and should never be irrelevant. It should describe your content by using few words.

2) Tags:

These are the keywords that helps people in finding your video. Like , for a road trip video (travel vlog), the keywords will be somewhat like, texas highway, road trip, howdy, life , wander, west, travel.

3) Description:

Tell your audience as well as YouTube, what your video is all about. Make a practice of writing a description that is search engine-friendly.

8.Quality of Content:

You can never attract viewers without offering them interesting/entertaining content. That is, the quality of your production should never be compromised. Be careful while editing the video or audio. The videos you produce should be clear, simple, and easy to understand. Make sure to focus completely on quality so as to build a strong fan base.

9.Use of The Right Tone:

You will succeed on YouTube if and only if your audience can relate to your content. The most important thing to keep in mind while running a channel is that you should try to establish a friendly relationship with your viewers. In order to ensure great response from audience, you should maintain that friendly tone in all your YouTube videos. Make it sound like you’re interacting with your friends. Be as casual and frank as you can so that your audience can relate to you. For example, adding a little humor to the videos can help to engage with viewers and can make them stay connected with your channel for long.

10. Commenting on Blogs

This provides your channel an exposure in front of the audience of a blog related to your niche. When you visit other established blogs of related domain that already have more targeted visitors, and leave valuable comments/feedback, these visitors will notice your comments and will follow you if they think that your comments are interesting. It is a time-taking process, but has proved to be an effective one if done properly. Don’t ever flood the blogs with comments for the sake of getting more viewers. Leave great feedback on the content. Also, paste the url of your YouTube channel in the comment box