How to Increase YouTube Subscribers

How to Increase YouTube Subscribers

No matter how great your content is, or how hard you work for it's production. Unless you have a massive fan following, you won't earn any money. In order to become a successful social media influencer you need to have a significant engagement with the audience. Here are a few tips that might help you to increase your subscribers.


Another important rule is being consistent in posting the content, so that the people don't forget you, they must stay connected to you. Try to upload content atleast thrice a week! this way you get a regular stream of users that view your videos consistently. If you post less than this, people will forget you and will move on to the next creator of that domain. Quality content takes time and practice and the only way to get better if you keep practicing it. You may think “it's not good enough” or “it still needs work”or even “it's nothing like what I pictured”, in that case you can never publish anything at all! If you want to achieve something via vlogging, you need to set goals. It could be publishing 1 video/month or 2 videos/week. Set goals that are achievable, and just stick to them. There'll be times when you wouldn't feel completely satisfied with the results, but it’s important to produce videos and upload them on regular intervals.As we all know, there's nothing better than a loyal customer in any business.


Let's face it, you invested a whole lot of money and precious time in creating the content but what good is it if nobody notices it? Promotion plays a very important role in your journey of being a successful influencer. Promote your content as much as possible. Promote via collaborating with other users. Promote in such a way that your content goes viral on every channel you're on. The golden rule for success on social media is 20% content creation and 80% promotion.


This is by far the quickest and easiest way to grow your audience, that is by working with influencers having higher reach than you. This means that you get an exposure in front of their massive audience, try to create great content while collaborating with them to make it worth their while. Collaborating can provide you a very significant growth in a much less time. Collaboration also yields great results because sometimes audience wish to see two or more of their favorite creators on a single content.YouTube is known to be a community driven platform. You can reap a great deal of benefit from it, just reach out for some active creators like yourself and make some friends. Search channels you have a liking for and perform actions like sharing or commenting. But make sure not to spam them with comments. Be genuinely interested in people and the type of content they are creating, it works both ways and others will take an interest in you too. Never forget to share your videos too. If you share your video, it could be shared on 13 different social media platforms, this provides you with a lot of options! Wait that's not all, you can also make use of the embed tab that enables you to share your videos on blogs.

Engagement With the Audience:

To establish a good relation with your audience, you need to engage with your audience on a regular basis. This would be easy in the start when you don't have a huge following. first, because won't have a big following. Interact with them through comments, reply them, follow them back, etc. The more you interact, the more they can relate to you which in turn increases the engagement factor.

Analyze the Results Regularly:

Make observations and analyze your channel data like, What type of content works the best? What's the demand of the audience ? Work on the analytic part. This data is provided by most of the platforms and if they don’t, just go old school and observe which posts are getting the most likes and comments? What age/gender audience are you targeting? Then create the content which resonates with them. Also, ask them for their suggestions on the type of content they wish to see.

Keep your Related Channels on:

Most of the channels turn off the ‘related channels’ feature on their YouTube channels. The reason behind this is that most people are afraid that their competitor will be displayed as related channels. However, the odds are that if a viewer searches for your videos on YouTube, they’ll also come across your competitors. By turning off the ‘related channels’ feature, you remove yourself too from “recommendations”. Which means that after turning off the 'related channels' feature you lose the networking effect which makes YouTube a powerful social platform.

Produce Unique Content:

We’re all inspired by success stories of various famous influencers on social media and how they started from the bottom and finally achieved greatness. But we ignore the fact that there are hundreds of unsuccessful creators out there too. The only reason behind this is the fact that the content they create is monotonous and lacks uniqueness. If 20 people are doing the exact same thing on a particular social media channel. Then, the chances of their success rolls to single digit. Try to create unique and quality content, give your audience something that no one else is providing. Try to have an innovative approach towards content creation.

Follow the 5-Minute Rule:

Bigger doesn't always mean better, same applies to your YouTube videos. Unless it's an explanatory video, never keep it above 5 minutes. According to a survey the most viewed videos on YouTube are on an average 4.4 minutes in duration. As a matter of fact lengthy videos become uninteresting for viewers. The content your create should be precise, short yet meaningful and should contain clarity of message you want to convey to the viewers.