Making of a Successfully Monetized YouTube Channel

Making of a Successfully Monetized YouTube Channel

Monetizing videos on YouTube has gained a lot of popularity as a hassle-free way of making money online. The reason behind it's popularity is the ease of money making it provides. If you have the talent, that you want the world to see, then you can make a lot of money while sipping your favorite cup of coffee sitting at home. For this, all you need is a YouTube Channel, with a few videos uploaded, and most importantly 10,000 total views on your channel as per new guidelines of YouTube Partner Program. To start making money from your YouTube Channel, you need to monetize it using an Adsense account. Let's take a brief look on how you can monetize your YouTube channel, and start making money online:

Firstly, let's learn a few things about Google Adsense. It is the only on-platform advertisement program on YouTube which pays you for putting ads on videos of your YouTube channel. As we all know, YouTube monetization is one of the most primary ways of earning money online from YouTube. Talented creators are making thousands, even millions of dollars through YouTube every month. All you need is a legion of committed fans/subscribers and some uniquely creative content. Is it some rocket science kind of stuff? No, it's easier than you can imagine. If you're resourceful in terms of followers then you can start making money in no time. This is a detailed guide on how to put ads on YouTube and start earning right away.

Following are the the best YouTube Tips to Enable monetization on your videos:

1. Enabling monetization:

Read and agree to YouTube Partners Program terms and rules

1. Sign in to your YouTube account.

2. Look for account icon > then go to Creator Studio.

3. Look for Channel from left > Select Status and features.

3. Click the button saying "Monetization". That automatically means that you are agreeing with YouTube's terms and granting it permission to put ads in your video, also that you acknowledge that your video is original and is your own creation.

After you enable monetization on your YouTube videos, this page will in which there are a few steps you need to complete in order to monetize your YouTube videos.

When you're applying for monetization you should agree to YouTube partners program terms as follows:

2. Adsense sign up:

This is indeed a very important step, as without Adsense you can’t add any advertisement to your YouTube videos.

Fill all the fields with required information.

You can either create a new account in AdSense or you can connect your existing account for Adsense sign-in. You'll be needing an AdSense account to get paid for your videos. In order to receive payments, you need to be logged into your AdSense account and make sure you have resolved every payment dues. You'll be paid as soon as your earnings from ad engagement reach the payment threshold.

3. Monetization Preferences:

Set monetization settings, these are the type of YouTube video ads you wish to display.

Set the type of advertisements that run with your videos and automatically enable monetization for your current and future videos.You can monetize a video when it uploads by selecting the Monetization tab and checking “Monetize with Ads” checkbox.

When you're done setting this up, your channel you can finally enjoy your YouTube channel earnings. After approval the videos page will look like this:

Further, you can check your payment related details on the dashboard of your YouTube channel like, what payment eligible for. You will get paid for the views or clicks on the Ads on your videos. It may take a while for YouTube to approve your content for revenue sharing. Though it’s a time-consuming process but still by the end if your video goes viral, you'll be making huge money online from the comfort of your home.

Well, enough about monetization through Adsense. There are many other ways to make money from your YouTube channel. Like, consider Affiliate marketing for an instance, Once you've become a famous YouTube Influencer, your source of earning is not just limited to promotional earning from YouTube brand campaigns. A lot of other earning options open up for you, like you can earn by including affiliate links on your channel and as a viewer clicks that link and completes a purchase or simply gets redirected to the merchant's site, you get your fair share of the deal. Or you can simply earn by making sponsored videos, in this the brands support your video production and pays you for promoting their product through it. If that's not enough, there's YouTube fan funding, which allows your viewers to support you financially if they wish to see more of your content. When it comes to YouTube it's sure that you'll never run out of options for making money, and it's not only affiliate marketing. You can also make some serious money by opting for mainstream methods like Influencer marketing where you earn just by being a part of a brand’s.

However, the best way to get maximum output from your channel is to integrate different earning techniques altogether. So that you have a regular stream of income from one way or another.