Tips to Rank Your YouTube Videos on The Top - Viral Bao

Tips to Rank Your YouTube Videos on The Top - Viral Bao

YouTube has gained a lot of popularity as a vast social media platform and one of the top search engine, lately. Whether, you're a newbie or an intermediate YouTuber, the only thing you aspire is fame. This can be achieved only if your videos are viewed by maximum viewers. But how to make your content visible to maximum viewers? The solution to this problem is by improving the YouTube rank of your video. Following are the tips to optimize the ranking of your YouTube videos:

1) Keyword Research:

Keyword researching is indeed a very important step of SEO as it is directly related to the video you upload and what the viewers search for, on YouTube. Research for keywords related to your topic

Following are the 3 types of keywords:

i) Main Keywords :

It is the primary keyword for a particular topic . It may be a single word or combination of words. Eg : YouTube , Viral Bao, Influencer marketing, Samsung S8 etc.

ii) Long-Tail Keywords :

This keyword includes the main keywords. Suppose your video is about “how to lift heavy deadlifts for Powerlifting”, In this keyword deadlifts and powerlifting are the two main keywords used. These keywords doesn't have high competition and hence it's easy to rank for the Long Tail Keywords. They have searches ranging from 10K to 1M per month.

iii) Related Keywords:

These keywords are not exactly about the topic but could be related to the same topic. For example your video is based on Topic “Boost your strength in 30 days” then the related keywords are :

how to gain strength, strength workout, 30 day workout ,lift heavy, power-lifting etc . are the keywords which are closely related to the topic “Boost your strength in 30 days” .

2) Video Title:

The title of your video should be in English as it is the universal language for interaction & it should be a keyword, if possible. Try to add a few words also after the keyword in the title. You should try to use a Long Tail Keyword which delivers the appropriate meaning about the video. Make sure that your title isn't too long. It should contain less than 20 words.

3) A Suitable Description:

This is yet another important part of SEO of your YouTube content. This practice is often ignored by new YouTubers & they don't write a YouTube description for their video. The fact behind this practice is that YouTube’s algorithm looks for a match between the Keyword that is searched and your video description in order to identify the best suited video for the viewers. Hence It's suggested that you make your description SEO friendly. The description must contain a title keyword and a few Long Tail keywords which contains the main keyword in it. It is recommended that the video description should be of 100-150 words in length.

4) Gain Watch Time :

This is the main aspect of the YouTube SEO. Make videos of at least 10 minutes in duration or longer and main focus should be on the entertainment value of the content, it should be interesting and highly engaging & it should never seem boring. Entertainment should be consistent so that people don't skip any part. To attain this you can make use of animations, attractive graphics , bloopers etc. If your video is interesting enough to watch and engaging enough then you'll surely gain high watch time and this will, in turn directly affect your rank in YouTube's search results.

5) Use Tags :

Did you ever come across the tags section under the edit tab of YouTube videos. Here, you have to put the best suited tags for your YouTube videos. All the keywords that you obtained after researching for keywords. Put these keywords as Tags of your video. You should remember never to use unrelated and non-relevant keywords as tags.

Using irrelevant tags can have negative impact too, and it can affect the visibility of your video to your viewers on YouTube.

5) Include Keywords in your Speech:

I'm not bluffing, you heard me right! Just speak the keywords in your video. Try and speak the exact title of the video you're recording, it'll greatly help in the ranking of your YouTube. This is because of the fact that the algorithm of YouTube's A.I can recognize the speech in your video content. So, try to add as much keywords as you can during your voice-over/ speech or narration in the video.

6) Add Subtitles and Closed Captions :

If you add subtitles and Closed Captions in your videos this will not only boost your ranking but will also help your viewers in understanding the voice-over if they're not familiar with the words in your video. Also, they can enable Closed Captions (CC) & could see read the events during the playback of video. YouTube prefers the videos with CC/ subtitles, this can be a a great help for specially able viewers i.e, people with hearing disability or disorders. So its an efficient practice to include Subtitles & Closed Captions in your videos

7) Encourage Audience' Engagements :

By Engagement I mean comments,likes, shares and dislikes. It also helps algorithm of YouTube's A.I system to rank your video higher. You must ask for actions like Likes and Comments on your video. At the end of video you can ask for actions like “Hey!, if you like our video then show us some love and like it, if you have suggestions kindly drop comments”. Make sure to reply to most of the comments.

Concluding this informative read, follow all these steps to make sure that your videos stay on top of YouTube. Not just YouTube but other search engines as well. These are all time-proven tricks which yield great results when implemented correctly. All the very best to all the readers and happy YouTubing!