Important Tips For Social Media Marketing

Important Tips For Social Media Marketing

Introduction to Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing is a term to define the collective processes of either increasing or building awareness about a brand, it's products or services with the help of different social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. The only goal behind any campaign is to route traffic to a website in order to increase the overall visibility of the product, attract and gain more followers or simply, to find more customers.

Importance of Social Media Marketing:

The biggest benefit of social media marketing is that it’s the fastest way to promote a product, service or any content at all. Everyone is connecting to the world through these social media platforms. For an instance, a tweet goes viral within minutes and broadcasts the message faster than TV or any other media.

It’s like a trend, billions of people spend a significant part of their time on social media networks everyday. You just need to target the right audience for your campaign. Gone are the days when billboards were the only medium for advertisements. Now, the influencers are the digital billboards. Studies suggest that social media has become a great channel for sales channel and lead generation. Companies state that they're getting major part of their customers from Facebook or Pinterest.

Presenting the important tips to know, for social media marketing.

Deciding The Right Social Media Platforms:

The approach differs on the basis of your experience. If you're just a beginner, then you must choose one or maximum two social media channels and focus on them, rather than working on all the platforms simultaneously. This is the most common mistake that the beginners, which leaves them frustrated and they quit eventually without making any profit. The best way to find the best suited platform for your promotion, is by researching about the influencers and analyzing the platforms on which they have a strong presence . Like for an instance, find out the best players (influencers) in your industry and analyze the number of fans they have on different social media platforms, like the number of Facebook fans, Twitter followers or Pinterest followers etc. Now, if they have 500,000 fans on Facebook but only 50000 followers on twitter then it's a good sign that Facebook will be best suited for your campaign.

Optimize Your Profiles:

So, now you've decided the social media channels that you're going to use, then the next step is optimizing the social media profiles you have, on those sites. Optimizing your social media profiles increases the chances of more fan following. It also has a positive effect on your SEO.

Guidelines to follow for optimizing the profile, include:

1. Make use of a real photo, which displays your face. One should completely avoid using anything that's not real, like anime figures, animals, clip-arts etc. Social media is all about socializing and connecting with people. So, if you want the people to trust you & have a trusted profile, then optimize your profile wisely.

2. Write an impressive description about your brand. This must explain some simple questions like, what your company does? The background or expertise of your company? What are your achievements? You should aim to mention all this in your profile.

3. Inform the viewers about the type of content you'll share. So that, your target audience know about the content they're gonna get from you. For example, if you're a brad dealing with beauty products, you must describe: “posting about personal care, hairstyles, and advice on products”. Include links to your website wherever necessary. Like, On Facebook you can embed a link in ‘About’ section, & on platforms like Twitter and Pinterest you can include your link in the ‘Web site’ section.

Balance the 'Following' and 'Followers':

While following people, one should always remember that, it’s a good practice to keep a balance between the no. of people you follow & the ones who follow you back. This is important because the software working behind these platforms is using the ratio of followers & following to make suggestions for you regarding “who to follow”. If you keep that balance, you're sure to have quality suggestions in the future. So if you want to improve the suggestion list, then make sure you follow people wisely and not just to fill up your profile page.

Interesting Content is a Must:

This is the key element of every successful marketing campaign. While publishing some content for a social media marketing campaign, content is always the king.

When you share interesting/entertaining content, it has higher chances of getting more shares, views. This implies more people will visit your website which will include some potential customers too. So, what makes a content interesting? Try posting articles related to your domain, it should only be from your own site, share interesting stats about your domain, post motivating quotes which are related to your niche. Your posts should include images as well as videos. You should also try to make your followers smile by including a joke or two in your content.

Always Follow Back:

While focusing on the ways to get new followers, you should never forget to follow back the people who are already following you. You must create the habit of taking time and viewing people who followed you and then decide on who to follow back. If you won't do this regularly, then some people will un-follow you and this is what causes a decrease in the no. of followers.

Be Patient and Play by The Rules:

These networks have protocols to keep spammers away from their platforms. Like, there's a limit on the number of people you can follow in a day, on twitter; likewise, there's a limit on the friend requests you can send on Facebook.

In short, it'll take some time to build massive fan following. You just need to be patient and try not to rush for the results right away. If your actions are against the protocols, your account will be suspended. Spend your time in creating quality content and work on your profile which will help you to stand out of the crowd.