Tips for a Better Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is a process of enhancing the awareness of a brand's product/services by making use of social media channels and communities. SMO includes the use of RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, social media platforms and blogging sites. The sole purpose of Social media optimization is to route traffic to your Web site. Following are the most effective tips for improving your SMO:

Social Media Buttons for Website:

Tools like buttons for the social media pages should be included in your website structure. You must embed web links to your social media pages from the website and vice-versa. You can also add buttons for every blog post. The links present on social media are considered to be of higher-quality because of a higher web authority. If you want an effective SMO, linking websites with your social media pages is a highly beneficial practice.

Complete Information:

Creating a social profile is an easy task, doing it right is where maximum businesses fall short. Fill every section, every field with the relevant information. Your profile should be 100% complete. Search engines rank those profiles higher, which have complete information available. It's also helpful for others in your network. So, all the contact information that's mentioned on your social profiles should be same as you've mentioned on your website.

Optimize Social Media with SEO Keywords:

If you really wish to boost the exposure of your social media pages, then you must understand that keywords play a very important role. As a matter of fact, if your profiles are not optimized correctly then your competitors have a higher chance of success. Determine the right keywords and target key phrases and include them in your social media profile in a natural looking & non-spam looking way. If you can implement this correctly in your profile/page name, it'll help it to rank better in Google search and the social media network search itself.

Use of Keywords in Posts:

Keywords are not just helpful in optimizing the social media profiles, but they're also important for your site, blogs, as well as ad campaigns. So, it's mandatory that you optimize the keywords of your social content as well. This also helps in keeping the content relevant for your target audience.


Social engagement is very important factor in SMO as the search engines observe your social signals and analyze how often do you post, how much your audience interact with you. Brands usually forget the purpose of these platforms, i.e building relationships. It’s not something that you forget, once you've achieved it. Interact with your audience and participate in the conversations, follow them back (while keeping a balance between followers and following).

Proper Cover Images:

The cover image is the reflection of your brand name to the world. It's gonna be the first thing a viewer will notice when he/she will visit your page. If you want to present yourself impressively, you must use this opportunity to spread your message to the present and potential customers. Resize them accordingly for every platform to make sure that your cover picture is properly formatted and is being displayed correctly. Always remember to use images that are relevant for your brand.

Take The Wheel:

Never allow your employees to use their personal e-mail address for managing the social media accounts of your brand. Only a company controlled e-mail account should be used to manage social media accounts. As you can never optimize an account if you don't have access to it, if in case the employees change. Researches suggest that Social media can prove to be one of the greatest assets in while improving your site’s ranking and organic search results.

Hashtag Research:

Apart from helping in connecting with new people, hashtags can also help your audience in finding you. They have become a popular trend of social media marketing. As a matter of fact, social platforms like, Facebook & Instagram, have incorporated a heavy use of hashtags. Hashtags make it easier to find trending topics. Also, they're helpful in categorizing various posts on social media .

Shareable and Engage-able Content:

It doesn't matter how impressive your content is, it won't get any traffic unless the targeted audience engage with it. Engagement means likes, comments, share/subscribe. The only way you can achieve this interest is by making your posts engagement-friendly, which is relevant for your target audience as well. If it's perfectly timed, you can reap maximum effect. It can be accomplished by following ways:

a. Content should be Persuasive:

You should always try to write content that is interesting and is highly relevant for the target audience. The content should be posted in a timely manner, no matter if it's even controversial. Make no grammatical and spelling errors. Try to keep the vocabulary simple to make it more understandable. Following this approach will earn you maximum audience engagement.

b. Posting Consistently:

Add fresh content to your site on a regular basis because the content on most social platforms is quickly archived within a few hours after it's publishing. If you post continually, the visitors will always come back to learn more about any updates in your niche. Schedule a calendar for all the posts you're going to publish on weekly basis. Create content that's trending and what your audience demand for. Most importantly, always keep in mind that you never compromise with quality for quantity while creating your content.

c. Include Media-rich Elements:

Visual content is considered to be more engaging, and catchy as well. You can demand more interest from audiences through media-rich content like photos,videos, and other media elements. Social media platforms already contain plenty of tools which enable you to include multimedia content. Adding visual media in your strategy of content marketing will make your content as well as your profile more interesting and engage-able.

d. Easily Shareable content:

If your content is shareable has more chances of gaining popularity as well as going viral. This means that you need promote the content on social networks in every way possible. You must encourage audience and fellow marketers in your circles to share your content. When your content is shared, your search engine rankings will improve eventually in a very positive way.