Top Social Media Channels That Can Boost Your Business

Top Social Media Channels That Can Boost Your Business

Social media is not a new method to boost your businesses online. It is now becoming a common practice among all the new and existing business houses to drive sales. Social Media for business is not based on the number of sales achieved month on month rather customer service and brand image plays a vital role in the long run of any business. Social media has affected the business relationships in such a way that even the brands and customers have gained a loyalty and credibility factor has brought a remarkable change in effective social media marketing. Technology has not only expedited the synergy of personal access to the content but also, business has been simplified over the web for both parties.

As technology comes with both merits and demerits, customers and brands both have chosen it as a common place to meet and share products, ideas, views, and reviews.

Here are some best social media channels that have alleviated business marketing:


Yelp is one such top social platforms where customers can be encouraged to post reviews related to the product with promotional offers. It is considered as an ideal social media platform for businesses that provide reviews for products and services. One of the benefits of such platforms is that even a negative review cannot hamper the ratings of any product unless it is an excessive disaster.


Facebook is the most preferred marketing tool when it comes to expanding business reach. Businesses don’t grow on trees it takes a platform worth investing time and money to fetch you a larger amount of share in the market. Some excellent features of Facebook allow a verified sign-up hence considered safe for both user and businesses. It also provides a social questionnaire that is in the form of feedback or review. A call to action page is a must wherein a user can directly perform an action that is required by you. Moreover, Facebook also provides an option to save the music files into an archive.


Twitter is also a widely used network that connects a large number of audiences from all walks of life. Twitter follows a rule of 140 character tweet limit. The enhanced image accessibility is one such feature that makes it different from other platforms. The GIF feature is new to twitter however it is commonly used on other networks. Since Twitter is followed by a large number of audiences and known for genuine business hence it also takes care of all the abusive content and hides it before going live.


Videos have always been a most preferred content medium as compared to text, images, GIF's etc. But even if you realize and believe in this fact the first question that appears is; how to find a suitable platform to get the significant views of the audiences. YouTube is the most trusted and recognized platform for video marketing. Ever since YouTube has started paying people in the form of affiliates and influencers, it has been recognized as a most preferred channel for social influencer marketing. If you are an online marketer and you don't have a YouTube channel, you may face a hard time to sell your brand to a wide network of users.


Instagram is not a new bird in the flock if you aim to engage a huge crowd with your content. While YouTube is one of the popular and old channels Instagram drives more traffic than YouTube and many other social media channels due to its unique audience type. You will not a regular audience type there as every social media is designed according to its own usability and demand. Instagram connects youth from walks of life, following all categories be it fitness, modeling, fashion, and beauty.


Snapchat marketing is not followed by all businesses as this platform is not the right fit for all types of ventures. Snapchat can be used more than just sending amusing pictures over it. Since this platform is not for every business, there is less competition to face as a marketer. The branding part works smoothly here as there is less hassle as compared to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Geo-targeting feature is not new but this platform provides an easy access and outcomes when applied. This can serve as a real-time marketing tool for your business. As per surveys and reports, an average time spent on this platform is approximately 28-30 minutes. This can not only help you grow your business well but can also help generate prospective leads for your business.

Social media has helped businesses and clients in the following ways:

Quick feedback

Now all you need is a quick comment tagging the brand, give your feedback on your experience with the brand. Reach your brand instantly without even thinking, how.

Marketing for free

It was never easy to maintain the presence of all channels for any brand. Though cost is a key attribute, it was always and will always be challenging to get the value out of the marketing cost. With millions of followers in hand, one can easily target few clicks and likes to set an ideal marketing funnel.


Businesses have gained more visibility in terms of clicks, views, shares, and likes. Need for cold calling and selling traditionally has been minimized as the social channels have been prioritized as social media has overcome the geographical borders and made businesses connect.

Customer is the king

Businesses have always invested in finer customer service as a result customers have been given certain rights and privileges to reach the brand and get ample support.

Getting Viral over the market.

Viral content has become the main reason for many of the brands that just started as a newbie to the industry and have grown more than their existing competitors over a smaller span of time.

“Social Media puts the “public” into PR and the “market” into marketing”- Jeff Bezos, CEO at