Benefits of Using YouTube for Promoting Your Brand.

YouTube is a popular and a highly viable platform for enhancing growth of audience/ followers and business in numerous ways. If you're willing to invest some valuable time to learn and observe the crucial components of the platform. Your business will grow massively in no time. Here are few of the many benefits of using YouTube for promoting your brand and business.

Increased Traffic:

YouTube has more than1 billion users and the watch time of videos in hours increases by 50% every month. YouTube has proved to be the best platform for promoting a business message with aim of reaching millions of people who can be potential buyers.

YouTube marketing is not only a cost-effective strategy, but it's reach is far more than traditional marketing media like television or print media.

It's growing so rapidly that, almost 4 billion videos are viewed every day . If you're planning to use YouTube for your business, you'll be able to reach your audience much easily. You can accomplish this by either creating the videos or by advertising on videos of other people.

YouTube is currently the second largest search engine & third most visited website, right after Google and Facebook. You can get a substantial amount of traffic to your respective site/ blog through YouTube. You can either embed a link in your video or you can just take help of other YouTubers to route traffic to your site.

Increased Visibility on Search Engines:

As a result of Google's Universal Search, all images, videos and news are displayed all together in the search results, in order to provide useful information to those who are searching. An interesting thing to be noticed is that the videos appear more often in search results. This proves, that Google prioritizes videos over the “text-only pages”.You can take leverage of this, by creating high-quality videos of content articles of your website/blog and post it on YouTube. On doing this, back-links to your site will be made, which means that you'll get found on Google more easily by those searching . By including YouTube as part of your marketing strategy, you’re also increasing the visibility of your website. The more authoritative your website appears, the higher rank of your web-pages in the Google search results.

Content Re-Usability:

The best thing about using YouTube for business is that it can help you to re-use the content that you’ve already created. This means you don't have to spend a lot of time or money in order to create new content.

Re-using the existing content is a highly efficient form of content marketing, as you'll be able to reach the audience that'll love a more specific type of content.

This approach will enable you to create four more pieces of content out of a single idea, which results in a more engaged audience.

Growing Global Audience:

One of the biggest advantages of using YouTube for business is that you get a global exposure. While Consistently creating content, a new opportunity rises. It's the visitors who never came across your business any other way will get to know more about what you do. Through YouTube, you can reach global audience. If you integrate closed-captions in your videos, you can also reach new audience. Researches suggest that videos with closed-captions tend to receive 4% more views.

You Get to Make an Email List:

Yet another advantage of using YouTube for business is that you get to build your email list as you deliver engaging, and interesting content. Make use of software that enables you to embed a sign-up form in your YouTube videos. For example, Video pauses until a viewer enters their e-mail address and subscribe to your channel. While employing this technique building your email list becomes whole lot easier, as the content will be engaging, your audience wouldn't mind signing up.

Increased Sales Conversion:

Video content having a personal touch helps in increasing the sale conversions. People tend to buy from the trusted ones, and the first step towards building trust is being someone they can relate with on an emotional base. Various surveys conclude that, for the motive of routing traffic to a particular landing page including a video of a person related to the company sharing review about the product, is capable of increasing leads and sales dramatically.

Target the Audience with AdWords:

If you use Google AdWords for your Video content, you can get a precised and a very focused access to the audience of your niche. By advertising on videos your audience are more likely to watch and search for your brand. One biggest advantage of running AdWords campaign for is that you’ll only have to pay for views on which the viewers engaged. An ad is said to have an engaged view when a viewer watches it for at least 30 seconds. If your video ad is skipped by the viewer, you don’t need to pay anything at all. The other major benefit of using AdWords for your video content is it's remarkable potential of growing your audience via 'earned-views'.These are the views which are free and are earned when someone intentionally chooses to watch your ad and then watches more videos on your channel within a period of seven days. Moreover, if someone watches 4-5 videos of your channel, they're more likely to subscribe.

Money Making Potential of AdSense:

If you're creating video content consistently then you have the opportunity to earn some more money from your videos directly, availing the benefits of Google AdSense programme. It's so easy and simple that around 1 million creators from about 30 countries world-wide are generating massive revenue through their YouTube videos. There are thousands of YouTube channels that are generating six-digit revenue every year. You can also make use of AdWords and AdSense together, to make money. It works in a very simple series of steps. Firstly, the viewer watches your ad in some other video and clicks it. You need to pay for that click on your ad as a part of your campaign budget. Then the Viewer watches your video, viewing the ads that are enabled on your videos (after enabling monetization). If the viewers are engaging with those ads you'll be paid 68% of the total ad revenue. Which means that you can opt for running AdWords campaigns for your videos, while making money by enabling ads on your videos.