Detailed Guide to Enable Monetization and Earn on YouTube with Adsense

Adsense is the only on-platform advertisement program on YouTube which pays you for putting ads on videos of your YouTube channel. As we all know, YouTube Monetization is one of the most primary ways of earning money online from YouTube. Talented creators are making thousands, even millions of dollars through YouTube every month.

All you require is a legion of committed fans/subscribers and some uniquely creative content.Is it some rocket science kind of stuff? No, it's easier than you can imagine. If you're resourceful in terms of followers then you can start making money in no time. This is a detailed guide on how to put ads on YouTube and start earning right away.

Types of YouTube Ads: Firstly let's understand the types of ads and their relevance according to the content you post. TrueView ads: TrueView video is of two types, In-Stream & In-Display. In-Stream ads play before the video. In-Display ads appear as sponsored suggested video in the sidebar above playlists and YouTube suggested videos.

In-Stream and In-Display ads can be of any duration as the viewer decides if they wish to skip or keep watching. Also, the In-Stream ads can be skipped with "Skip Ad" button popping after 5 seconds. In-Stream ads views are counted as a viewer engages with the ad or watches the ad video for at least 30 seconds.

When videos are shorter than 30 seconds a view counts if a viewer watched the complete video.In case of In-Display ad, a view is counted when the viewer clicks to watch the video. Though the TrueView video can link to external sites, they work best for branding and video views. Music videos are a suitable fit for this ad format.

In addition, the ad platform itself optimizes TrueView ads for views, not for clicks. So the campaigns using TrueView that are focused on clicks are more expensive than the other youtube ad types. Pre-Roll ads: Pre-Roll ads can't be skipped and they are pay per click value, which means the view on them will be counted only if the viewer clicks on them.

Although some publishers allow 30-sec pre-roll videos, this format of advertisement is being discontinued reportedly. In actual practice, publishers offer only 15 to 20-sec videos. Provided the PPC (pay per click) pricing, these 15-second videos are much cheaper than In-stream ads becoming more price efficient. As TrueView ads are best suited for promoting video views and branding, Pre-Roll ads are perfect for sales campaigns


Bumper ads integrate the functionality of both of the YouTube ad formats but they're perfectly appropriate for branding campaigns. They are of 6 seconds in duration. Bumpers are un-skippable like Pre-Roll but are PPV( pay per view) like TrueView ads. They are also cheaper than TrueView ads. According to a survey conducted by Google, they drive a “considerable lift in an ad recall.” just like TrueView ads, Bumpers also have a click-through option but they're appropriate for views instead.

Monetizing YouTube videos with Adsense:

In order to monetize YouTube channel and make money from it, you have to enable the monetization feature on your videos and connect your Adsense account to it (in case you have one, else you can sign up for it).Adsense is a Cost per click advertising program which allows you to include advertisements in starting of the video when the viewer clicks the ad you get your share of money for advertising it.

Now, whenever those ads roll at the starting of your video and someone clicks it, you get paid for that. While a solitary tap on a YouTube video may just yield a couple of pennies, those pennies rapidly add up when you have a great deal of audience engaging with the ads on your YouTube channel. But it doesn't end here. YouTube recently put a restriction on who can make YouTube ad money from their video platform.

YouTube announced in a blog post that it will not show ads on videos by those channels having less than 10,000 total views. Sounds a little bit of trouble for new creators aspiring to be in the YouTube Partner Program until they get 10,000 total on their channel.It appears that the future aspirants won't be accepted into Partner Program until they fulfill the 10,000-view criteria.

Steps to add video ads:

After you fulfill all the criteria for Adsense here is a step by step guide on how to monetize and put ads on your YouTube videos and how to earn money from youtube:

First step:

Read and agree to YouTube Partner Program terms and rules

1. Sign in to your YouTube account.

2. From the top right, select account icon > Creator Studio.

3. From the menu on left, select Channel > Status and features.

4. Enable the option of "Monetization". This means that you are granting permission to YouTube to put ads in your video, also that you acknowledge that your video is original and is your own creation.

After enabling YouTube Monetization, the following page appears in which a few steps are required to be completed in order to monetize your YouTube videos.

While applying for monetization you must agree to YouTube partners program terms as illustrated below:

Second step:

Signing up for AdSense

This is a very crucial step as without Adsense you can’t add any advertisement to your YouTube videos.

Fill-in the fields with required information.

Create a new account in AdSense or connect an existing account to Adsense YouTube sign-in. You will require an

AdSense account to get paid.

In order to receive payments, you have to be logged into your AdSense account and make sure you have resolved every payment hold. You'll be paid whenever your total earnings reach your payment threshold.

Third Step:

Set monetization settings, these are the type of YouTube video ads you wish to display. Set the type of advertisements that run with your videos and automatically enable monetization for your current and future videos.You can monetize a video when it uploads by selecting the Monetization tab and checking “Monetize with Ads” checkbox. When you're done setting this up, your channel will start earning as soon as it is approved.

After approval the videos page will look like this:

You can check the payment you are eligible for on your dashboard of YouTube channel. You will get paid for the views or clicks on the Ads on your videos.It may take a while for YouTube to approve your content for revenue sharing. Though it's a time-consuming process still by the end if your video goes viral, you'll be making huge money online from the comfort of your home.