How To Make Money Online With YouTube Marketing

How To Make Money Online With YouTube Marketing

YouTube can be viewed more as a business model these days than simply a video sharing platform. You will find two kinds of people here, one who is here for their daily dose of entertainment and other one is who is for strictly business here, because YouTube pays mightly well, so well you can live off a lavish life from it. As a combined result more than 1.3 Billion people use YouTube daily or shall we say almost 500 billion people annually use YouTube, and talking about figures, it is believed that YouTube somewhere made more than $9 billion last year. Well, most of the part of this amount through the videos which creators make that too purely online for YouTube monetization.

You must have heard how nowadays almost everyone has started blogging/vlogging these days, because of all the money that it pays and now that so many people have started doing that it is extremely difficult to make everyone realize your presence online, to stand out in this ever-growing cluster. If everyone can earn money online why can't you? Or shall we discuss the question how to make money online on YouTube more than others? You need to either different things or you need to things differently, either way, you can win.

In this article, find out some of the proven and best ways to earn money online with YouTube at the convenience of your time and comfort, unlike your regular boring, unrewarding desk job.

Ways to earn online with YouTube

It sounds mundane but it is the first step you are required to take if you are trying to give YouTube a real shot. It all begins with a camera, a great idea, and your creativity. Put your all awesomeness in the video and film your ideas into stories and since the quality of your videos is going to decide the virality of your videos, so make sure you produce high-quality videos with excellent sound quality and flawless editing. Once you have your video all made up, go and spread it wherever possible, make it viral, let the world know about your idea and talent.

• Enable YouTube Monetization

It is YouTube's official method to earn through videos on this amazing platform. Once you reach 10K views for your channel, you can enable the YouTube monetization feature for your channel and you're good to go and now you are officially eligible to start earning on YouTube. All need to do is create your Adsense account, fill up the payment details and leave the rest on YouTube. YouTube will put ads on your videos and will give a fair share of the amount made from per view of the ad on your video. The figures you make from YouTube monetization all depends on how many views you can score from your video, so again promoting your youtube video comes in to play here.

• SuperChat

Super chat is new and lesser-known exciting feature provided by YouTube which will replace the method of fan funding. This feature lets the viewers pay to pin their comments during the live streaming by paying the desired amount to the creator. Super chat is currently available for a beta version but it is slowly believed to change the way creators make money on YouTube.

• Go for YouTube Partner Program

YouTube partner program is a way through which you can partner with other YouTubers to get a share of revenue generated from the ads by on common page as a result of the partnership. To use that feature, you must first apply for partner program and show YouTube you mettle that your channel has unique content and the ability to attract huge viewership as not every channel gets accepted for partnership program. Be persistent, stay unique and keep making videos and you are all set for the partnership program

• Sell merchandise and products

What can be better than selling your own stuff online, you get all the profit and margin. This trend is at peak these days, all the famous YouTubers have their own range of merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, accessories etc and they are making crazy money out of it. Your sales depend on the relationship between you and your viewers, so to do succeed on YouTube through any way you always ought to have a healthy and lively relationship with your viewers and other YouTubers, it is all a game of networking.

• Don't bother much about Adsense

It is a major misconception among people that ads are the only way for YouTube monetization and to YouTube money, to be honest, YouTube pays next to nothing for the ads that it puts on your videos, around few cents. The only good thing is there are various other methods except Google Adsense which you can use to earn far much better sum. Adsense might be a forever way to earn but definitely not a reliable one.

• Link your channel to a blog site

Talking about the number of ways of making money on YouTube, this method will guarantee double money for you. A blog for your YouTube channel will drive traffic both from a site and youtube itself directly to your channel. Once your blog starts getting recognition, you can apply for Adsense on your Blog site as well along with YouTube Adsense, which ensures double money from the single idea.

• Use affiliates

You must have seen the product links for buying goods online under some YouTube videos, those are the affiliate links. Affiliates pay a direct commission from the purchase made through these links. Affiliate links are the best way to make money from youtube online without putting any hard work at all. You will have to apply for an affiliate marketing program which is offered by a range of brands first but it might get confusing as which brand to apply for, so chose wisely, otherwise, there are various online solutions which provide affiliate tie-ups with an array of brands for the YouTube creators. You can always go and seek help from these sites.

• Treat it like a business

If you are expecting big results from YouTube and looking ahead to making insane money out of YouTube, then take it seriously. YouTube has a lot of potential if you start taking it seriously, don't be afraid to invest in it if you are looking for hefty returns. Make top-notch videos, use high-quality cameras and speakers and do spend on editing. In many cases, the video carries the potential but the poor editing leads it towards the downfall so be sure to act professionally.

• Aim for brand sponsorships and product placement

Otherwise known as Influencer marketing, brand promotions are currently the hottest topic in YouTube world. Once your YouTube channel earns a suitable position, you can approach the brand to promote on your channel. These sponsorships are proved to the most profitable form of marketing both for brands and YouTubers though they are a bit difficult to find. You can find online tools for Influencer marketing and brand sponsorships.

• Stay updated with the latest trends

Affirm your vision and stay motivated with latest happenings in the marketing world, people come up with new ideas every day, you never know what might work out for you. It might often get discouraging if your YouTube channel doesn't run as expected, but don't lose hope and stay hydrated with fresh ideas around the world because it is always a single idea which revolutionizes the world, not the whole product.