Promote your YouTube channel like a Pro - Viral Bao YouTube

Promote your YouTube channel like a Pro - Viral Bao YouTube

Monetization Network provides great ways to start promoting your Channel. Our Network cuts deep into various verticals that brings you real subscribers and views and comes well under YouTube policies as it is purely a way to distribute your content within our network properties. Viral Bao platform targets the following attributes to monetize.

1. Community Users

The aim of community users is to convert the viewers into the observers so that they notice your product and the product image clicks right at that moment when the need for buying arises. Engagement through community makes it easier to share a content with a large group of users. A community can be handled in two ways; one when you post your content in a large group of any social media channel, and second by creating a group of users and adding individuals of similar interests. The communities often need a leader usually known as ‘Admin’. Every community needs a leader who can adapt to diversities and as per the innovations. Promoting the large networks or groups needs one thing in common, never ignore the participants of the community. And don't even pause to expel or clear away the crowd which discourages your message to the audience. Make sure you contact the members one on one before banning them.

2. Affiliate Community

While managing the community users there is a secondary function that needs to be performed; managing the affiliate group. The difference between the community users and affiliate users is that the community group may consist users from all walks of life however the affiliate group will inhabit users who are willing to promote the products as affiliates. As an online community grows and establishes itself, beginners start assimilating with the new moves. As novices are not that easy to control, hence a community manager needs to host the group in a way that seems supportive to the beginners and keep the experts engaged. The role of group manager is not limited to this but to also identify and enhancing the powers by rewards.

3. Network Partners

The network of affiliates helps the marketers to guide and choose the product as per their genres and provide all opportunities for product promotions. For example- Clickbank, Amazon, CJ affiliate(Commission junction) and many more. The customers who buy the product can again be focused upon and an effective remarketing strategy can help deriving sales by up-selling a product. This platform can be used either to start affiliate marketing as a merchant or as an affiliate. You can become a merchant however you need to deal with product development, product idea, finding the right affiliate partners. The common route is to become an affiliate and earn through commissions. It too requires a platform through which product reviews can be initiated, engages in webinars, managing the email list, managing the social and PPC advertising.

4. App Network

YouTube apps are a great way of engaging the new era-versatile audience. The mobile apps have gained that trust to drag the audience by the push notifications. Viral Bao offers an opportunity to promote your product over our network. The advertisements for your products and services will be displayed on the varied paths of Viral Bao channel or audiences.

5. Video Network

The video network of Viral Bao can serve as a great platform for promoting the products and services. Video campaigns are one such feature which allows advertisers to send a push notification while viewing videos on YouTube. YouTube is one of the largest viewed video application, hence promoting over YouTube in the form of videos can prove to be one of the finest campaigns.

6. Audience Network

The network of audience proves to be the best alternatives for any online advertising campaign. This network offers the real set of viewers, better advertisements, improvised user experience by gaining more revenues.

Viral Bao also comes up with setting campaigns for your YouTube channel with an aim to extend your reach.

Listed below is a list of campaigns that can be run by Viral Bao.