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Adsense is the only platform of advertisement where YouTube pays you for putting ads on videos of your YouTube channel. Viral Bao is one of the most instrumental ways of earning money through YouTube. Proficient creators are making thousands and millions through YouTube every month. All you need is a legion of committed fans/subscribers and a gifted content machine. Is it a space science to get it? No, it's easier than you imagine. Making money online means showcasing your products and services online and in order to earn that credibility you have to advertise online so that the brand message is effectively delivered.

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Things to check before applying for Google Adsense

(1) EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the speediest, more secure, and eco-friendly payment system.

To utilize this payment method, the bank accounts are validated in the first place and ensured that you are paid in real time. This procedure involves entering your bank details and receiving a small amount to check if the fund transfer is activated.

Some of our networks found that this procedure can be insecure and can lead to fraudulent activities over the transactions.

2. Develop High-Quality Content:

The first thing you have to do before applying for Google AdSense is to compose great content. This is a critical thing which you can't disregard at any cost. Nobody can give up on this as this is the vital component of advertising.

Google appreciates the content that provides a superb content for their viewers. Remember that your application will be surveyed by individuals and you need to inspire them to get authorized by AdSense.

A great content is special and unique with appropriate headings and shot records free from language errors, sufficiently long and informative enough.

3. Make Privacy Page for Your Blog:

The primary thing before applying for Google AdSense and get accepted is the privacy policy of your blog or site. In the event that you don't have it, you can't get the approval for Google Adsense.

It's required because this approach implies you are not a fraud or hoax and gives the feeling of a genuine business. Google will check further once you abide by this policy.

A privacy actually depicts to your viewers about what they will get on your blog, what they can search and what they will not get. So clearly there is nothing terrible about having a privacy policy. While it can affect in some of the other way on your AdSense approval.

You can make your privacy policy on your own or can also generate it online.

4. Make About Us Page:

You should have an about page with an aim that you can get approved, like a privacy policy. This additionally shows that there is a genuine individual behind the blog.

An About page has a significant role regardless of whether you would prefer to apply for Adsense or not. In any case, with regards to AdSense, they are around zero chances of getting approved for the Goole Adsense.

About page simply portrays you and your blog. This won't just maintains a relationship with viewers but also influence them to believe you.

5. A Contact Us Page:

At a point when a user is getting bothered by another user on your platform, it is essential to create a contact us page. Make a contact us page and associate it with your email address so the users can actually reach you in the time of need. If possible create some social points to make it easier for the users to share their views openly.

By making this you are informing Google that we take care of our customer's queries and they can get connected at any point they feel.

6. Have Some Good Number Of Posts:

What should be the least number of posts before applying for Google AdSense? There is no proved answer.

There are instances where people don't get an approval in spite of having more than 300 posts, however, some individuals have 10 or fewer posts and still got the approval from Google.

Precisely, there is no genuine answer. In any case, we can simply foresee things.

The best time to apply for AdSense account is the point at which you have no less than 20 great quality posts. Your blog entries length should be no less than 600+ words with quality content.

7. Check Your Content-Type:

Be careful with the type and category of content you are uploading as Google follows a strict policy of not approving the illicit content on the web.

Some common content types that are not accepted by Google AdSense are listed below.


Pirated Content

Hacking Tutorials

Illegal Drugs

Other Illegal Content

Reasons for Adsense Rejection

Unacceptable content

Your site doesn't have enough content on for Google masters to survey. Google gives a great significance and worth and regard for the content of the blog before tolerating it. If the content is poorly drafted and the category is overlooked Google will reject the application. Not just the content should be linguistically and grammatically correct, it must also provide the quality to the blog.

Page Layout

A website full of uneven mix and match of colors having call buttons everywhere will not lead your website anywhere. Truly, you'll never visit that site again. Blogs which are inefficaciously developed and are hard for the viewers to grasp gets rejected by Google AdSense. Your website must have a promising category and a great website layout.

Non compliance with Google Adsense policies

Your content should be rich and unique in nature in order to drive organic traffic. The web pages should not ignore the bad user experience if any, rather focus more on the design and layout. A website must not drive traffic from the illegal sources with insufficient keywords with clear navigation and organizing of categories. A high-quality content is something upon which the entire YouTube marketing is based on.